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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Aqaufarm - Day 6

Today is the day 6 after planting the wheatgrass. And I'm very happy in their growth. But I guess still need to wait for a week before able to harvest it. The new pump continue to work fine, and my fishes are happily swimming in the tank. As you can see, my bf bought a plastic plant to decorate the tank as he said that it is too empty. Our 3 shrimps migrate from the moss ball to the plastic plant, and I hardly see them anymore.
Over the weekend, I have also started to germinate snow pea, cucumber and tomato seeds. For the snow pea, I have put in ziplock bag and wrapped with damp cotton wool & kitchen paper. For the cucumber & tomato, I have plant it at one of my unused hamster cage. As you can, the cucumber seeds have already germinated. But still no news for my tomato seeds =(

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