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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Joke of the Day

Everyday my bf will bring me to work and fetch me home from work. Once or twice per week, he will bring me to lunch if his work isn't busy. If I OT, he will wait for me at my office. And if it gets too late, he will call and ask me whether am I hungry. He will go and buy some snacks for my colleagues and me. Then continue to wait for me to end work. Even I need to go my 3PL warehouse at Jurong Island, my bf would also drive all the way there and wait for me. Drive out to buy food for me, if needed, and continue to wait for me.

Once we had a department dinner, I thought the dinner would end at 8.30pm since we start at 6.30pm. My bf waited for me at the hotel lobby for 1.5hr because the dinner ends at 10pm. So everyone in my department know my bf dotes on me alot.
Yesterday I was waiting in my office, for his sales meeting to end.... And the story begins..

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