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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Joke of the Day

As and when, my ex-colleagues and I will chat on our watsapp group chat. Filling each other with our daily lives. Their kids. My love life. Our jobs. How we wish we can kill our bosses. I not sure how it started, but somehow they narrow to my love life.

(Some background - my bf & I used to be colleagues. So my ex-colleagues know him too) They were surprized that we already official our relationship since there would be several people gossiping about it. And even surprized that he has moved to my place and we are getting serious, or rather we are pretty serious in our relationship. With all the baby plans, housing plans and all. So here comes the joke..

In case you are thinking that my bf are being stingy or sponging on me. It is not the case. He did buy a branded wallet for Valentine Day. But I'm not really an accessory person, and don't like to carry bag. So give me branded bags would be pretty useless. Although he didn't pay me rental (which I find a pretty weird concept and no idea how my ex-colleague have this mindset), he pays for our daily expenditures like groceries and our meals. Being with me, my saving increase a good 50%! With him taking care of me, after my increased saving, I able to spend more on my hobby like my recent rave - hydroponics / squaponics

I guess some girls can be pretty scary at times... And I'm really scared out of my wits then!

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