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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Skinny Pizza

I love Skinny Pizza because their pizza is not thick with flour. I prefer thin crusted pizza. And they are generous with their servings.

Last week, my bf & I decided to go to the Westgate branch. We have ordered 2 mushroom soup and my favourite Squid Ink pizza. To our surprise, the mushroom soup tasted differently from the PS branch. We didn't drink it and 3/4 of the soup left lying in the bowl. The waitress came to clear our soup and realized we didn't drink it. Hence she asked what is the problem. We told her that the soup is much watery and doesn't have much mushroom bits as compared to the PS branch. The kind waitress offered to change our soup to another - sweet corn soup. My bf & I decided to give it another try. Sadly, the sweet corn soup is a failure as well.

End of the meal, we are impressed by her service. Because not everyone would notice why we left 3/4 soup in the bowl and even bother to ask us about it. Thumb up for her service and we definitely going back again. Though we will not order their soups anymore.

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