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Thursday, 29 May 2014

REVIEW: Berjaya Langkawi Resort

It's our first time visiting Langkawi, and we were thinking whether to book Westin or Berjaya. End up we booked Berjaya seaview chalet because it is slightly cheaper. But we kinda regret our decision (Will talk about it later)

We rent a small car at the airport and decide to drive to Berjaya first. The time taken from airport to Berjaya is around 30mins. Road is not congested at all, and you can see tons of cattles and monkeys at the roadside. Upon reaching Berjaya, we parked at the visitor car park near the lobby and went to check in but the receptionist told us that our room is not ready yet. So we went back to the carpark and went to the Langkawi cable car which is just 5mins away from the resort.

After 2hours, we went back to Berjaya and thankfully the room is ready. I would say the room is pretty spacious. Nice king size bed, and small balcony with table & chairs for us to relax. However the seaview is quite disappointing. The chalet is cover with lush greeneries, you can't really see any seaview. The bathroom is also disappointing as there is no bath tub.

It is also quite disappointing that i paid SGD260 for the room and yet it did not comes with breakfast. nevertheless we try the breakfast for one morning, the price is about SGD50 (after 20% discount). the spread is very limited and the food is not very tasty. I would recomment to go to the Langkawi cable car for breakfast, as it is only 5mins car ride away. They serve alot of tasty and cheap food.

I love the private beach. It's clean, windy and not crowded. There are ample beach chairs and shelter for all the guests relaxing at the beach. The resort also have a safety net set up in the sea water to prevent their guests getting sting by jelly fish.

Actually I expect the swimming pool to be bigger. Maybe because I went to JW Marriot in Khao Lak before so my standard is higher. Anyway there is a mini waterfall at the swimming pool which is quite relaxing for me. Just standing underneath the waterfall, and let the water splash onto my body is very relaxing. Water is clean and doesn't have a strong smell of chlorine, which is good. However, I wish they maintain the stones at the edges of the pool. They are quite sharp and maybe accidental prone to children.There is a mini pool bar too.

Overall I'm having a great time relaxing at the private beach and pool until one of the staff came over and ask us whether we have order a bottle of water from her. When we said we are not at the pool yesterday, she insists we are the one who ordered the bottle of water from her and she forgotten to ask for our room number. I feel quite offended by her exclamation. Firstly, we do realized that we are the minority chinese around here (as most of the guests are caucasian. But doesn't mean any chinese couple who ordered a bottle of water from her is my bf & I. Secondly, being your guest, don't you feel is wrong to accuse your guest especially it is your own mistake at the first place. Lastly, she did not even apologise and grumbly walk away from us which makes the whole incident even ruder! I expect better service from Berjaya.

At the last day of the stay, we request for late check out and was rejected by them. According to them, the room is already booked so we have to check out on time. We told the manager that we book a jet ski tour from them, and we definitely need a room to shower before heading to the airport. Out of goodwill, the manager gives us a spare room to clean up before we drive to the airport. All is fine until we went into the room. The lights are spolit, the furniture are dusty, the toilet bowl can't flush and worst of all, the water from the shower is yellow in colour! Seriously I don't know did I get cleaner from showering or become dirtier. Again, I expect better room service from Berjaya.

In conclusion, I will not consider going back to Berjaya again. I would spend additional SGD40 per night to book Westin instead.

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