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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I was waiting for my bf to be home, so I decide to take out my tarot cards and seek their advice for my pregnancy. I was always been accurate in tarot card reading so I able to gauge what to expect. The result wasn't that good though.

For the past, I got an upright hierophant & invert devil. *Accurate*
For the present, I got invert fool, invert empress & invert temperance *Sadly accurate*
For the future, I got upright world & upright high priestess *yeah! hopefully accurate!*

I do not want to talk much about the past. So I will start from the present. Getting invert fool as influence describe that I taking a path out of the norms and something that I never plan before. Before I met my bf, I never have the intention of having a kid. But because my bf wants a family, so I decided to have a kid of our own. Traditionally people get married before having a kid, and I'm doing it reversely. It's not totally bad as long as I get myself prepared for the journey. Getting the invert empress as obstacle really sadden as it means infertility. Which is true as my bf & I been trying for 6months. Getting invert temperance as present outlook is imbalance and this cause stress & tension in my life. I'm maybe acting impatiently or refusing to take the moderate, gentle approach. I guess it's true at an extend. I wasn't expecting that I can't get pregnant within 6 months. I guess same goes with my bf. Hence we are visiting TCM, tracking the data and even using ovulation kit.

For the future, I glad it all good news. I got world for future influence means completion, achievement and fulfilment. And hopefully the birth of my new child! *Pray* High priestess for future outlook, I can't really determine what my tarot card want to say. My future definitely is changing. Having a baby definitely turn my life upside down, as in I need to re-focus alot of things. So is the card telling me to trust my intuition in future?

So I guess I won't be pregnant in this year... Hopefully the next year? *Cross fingers*

P.S: My clearblue got non-blinking smiley face today!

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