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Sunday, 8 June 2014

It been sometime I have pen down my thoughts. Every month I have been travelling here and there, I suddenly realize I have a slight plane phobia. Previously I already dislike sitting in the confined tiny space in the plane. But now I think I start to have some sort of anxiety. If the surrounding people especially kids, getting rowdy or keep hitting my seat, I would become agitated. Anyway I'm having a break on the travelling. My next travel would be Taipei. Going there to see One piece exhibition with my bf and his friends. I guess I would take some anxiety or sleeping pills from the doctor to calm me down.
My bf & I are stopped TTC for 2months. Actually not really stopped, we just stopped doing all the testing and note-ing down of the "dates". Previous month we started to TTC again. My bf dreamt that we have a boy named Jeremy. And I guess his biology clock is really started to tick now. After trying for 6months, there is no good news. So last month he went to book appointment with Dr Tan Siew Buoy at NTU TCM. I guess she is really very popular, the earliest date we get is 16 June which 1.5mth later. Time pass very fast, and next week we will be visiting her. Hope that everything will turn out fine.

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