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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Last week is my third visit to NTU TCM Dr Tan Siew Buoy. As usual, she will see our tongue, check our pulses and run through the various standard question. She said my tongue is slightly red so my body is heaty, and I should avoid fried food. My guess that I'm heaty is due to the TCM I'm taking, rather than fried food. My pimples are popping out more and more, and I will be seeing my skin doctor at Marsiling Clinic. I was cleared for a year until I start taking the TCM *SOB SOB*

Anyway, my bf updates her some of the changes. My period become longer, etc etc. She explained the situation with us and reassures that all is normal and we should try to BD at the correct date. I wasn't that hardcore, and my bf forgets most of the times, so we just roughly BD that period or when clearblue ovulation kit has a solid smiley face. I guess she also twit the TCM abit and send us off.

I haven't try the new concoction yet. But I guess the taste would be similar.

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