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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review: Carlson Labs Salmon Oil

I have adopted Lily the Persian cat from Cat Welfare Society few months ago. And she had just recover from mite. Which means her coat is cut short and her skin is quite dry. So I bought a bottle of salmon oil for her. However she keep noticing that I been throwing the salmon capsule to my dogs. She starts to snatch the capsules from them!
My dogs have been taking Carlson Labs, Salmon Oil, 1000 mg since June. They absolutely love it. Just throw it to them and they eat it like a treat. Some dogs that I have pet board also need to take salmon oil, but I'm not sure about the brands which the owner bought. But the dogs don't seem to like it, and I always need to soften the capsule in warm water, mixed with their food so they can take it. Once I drop Carlson Labs Salmon Oil, surprizely the dogs took it like a treat. I assume that they see my dogs are snatching it like treats so they think is something good? Hence snatch it before it's gone?
Anyway those who giving their pets salmon oil can consider taking Carlson Labs Salmon Oil. First, it is good for your pets, especially for the heart and skin (or fur). My friends always praise my dogs' coat are very lustrous and taking salmon oil is the secret. Second, the price is totally reasonable. 180 + 50 capsules for USD19.44! It's definitely a steal. Lastly, it is also a healthy treat for your pets. They're getting healthier & prettier so the delicious treat they take.
I get my salmon oil from Iherb directly. You can use the discount code PLF707 to get free shipping & USD10 off!

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