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Sunday, 7 September 2014

I love to travel (who doesn't right?)! So I will travel once every 2 to 3 months. To alot of people, it is consider frequent. I don't take flight every single time (but most of the times). Rest of the travels, my bf will drove us to nearby country - Malaysia.

Alot of people say I must be rich or my bf always sponsor my trip (half truth), hence I can travel so frequently. Beside the fact that I love travel, my bf & I planning to have a child NOW. If I don't travel NOW frequently, god knows when I'm able to travel when the baby comes. Frankly speaking, I still have alot of places I haven't been to. Then again, we are not rich so I always try to minimize the cost as much as possible.

So alot of people say it is quite impossible to minimize THAT much. But I could tell you, YES YOU CAN! All my travels do not come with a high price tag. And people always amaze when I told them how much it really costs. Of course I do spend my time doing research and praying for promotion.

I will be going to Osaka during Dec and will be at the peak period - Christmas Day! So people exclaimed that the vacation will definitely cost a bomb! For the flight, it costs me USD754.20 for 2 person. For the 3 star accomodation, it costs me USD394.13 for 4 nights. Cheap right! Here is the breakdown:-
Malaysian Airline - Due to the recent incident, alot of people lose trust in MA, so no business, air fare drops. Of course people would say it is so dangerous for me to take the airline. It could be my last flight I ever take. I believe both unfortunate incident, the Malaysia government will do something about it. Afterall the share price is already dropped to Ringgit0.20 per share! And I believe if my time is up, walking under the apartment, I could be killed by a falling flower pot. So that pretty much explain why the airline is so dirt cheap.

3 star accomodation at USD110.87 per night. But why I only paid USD394.13 for 4 days? Previously I have use CheapTickets to purchase my air fare. The price is exactly same as the price purchased in Malaysia Airline website. But CheapTickets gives you USD50 discount code for every air fare you purchase from them! Pretty cool! And that's not all, there always promotion code every now and then. Currently 16% discount code - LETSGO going on.
So applying USD50 discount code + 16% discount code, you are able to greatly reduce your accomodation!

See, it is not impossible, just that you need more times to research for more cheap deals. Sometimes during peak period, there is totally no promotion. I been thru this, so I will book my accomodation at Airbnb. You maye feel uncomfortable because it is other people house. Believe me, I have stayed at several different homes before and the stay will not lose to some hotels. Yes, you won't have room service. But seriously how frequent you use room service anyway. For me, it serves as an exposure to me too. I really get to know how the local live too.

Oh ya, by clicking on my link - Airbnb. You will get free $31 credit for your first stay too! So why not try it if you have a tight budget,

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