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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Over the weekend, I finally completed FF XIII Lightning Returns! *YEAH!!* I have stopped playing it for few months because of the stupid side quest boss - Aeronite. It is so difficult to fight because it will fly away if I didn't stagger it in time! Finally my bf & I sat down and came out with a strategy to win it. Afterall our PS4 games are waiting for us too. Below are the garbs, weapons, shields & accessories we decided.
Quiet Guardian for tanking

Soldier of Peace for heavy slash & magic to build up the stagger
Miqo'te Dress for Magic slash (super effective for Aeronite) & magic to build up the stagger
We keep throwing magic at a distance and trying to avoid any damage at all cost. Finally forth stagger, we whack as hard & as much before Aeronite wakes up and fly away. We managed to stagger it to "rest" twice but our power is not sufficient enough to kill it.
After tweeting our strategy here and there (mainly the accessories), we finally killed it after so many months!!!! And after this boss, I completed the entire FF XIII. *CLAPS*


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