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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Jamie Oliver 6-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder

I saw this Jamie Oliver 6-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder recipe on my Facebook wall one day and decided to try it. Actually I want to try on the roast lamb, but the supermarket didn't sell lamb leg on that day. And I also want to try the roast beef but my bf cannot eat beef due to his religion. So pork that is (though I don't really like pork).
Looking the at the recipe seems quite easy, but is kinda lengthy. It takes 6 hours to cook this dish, so my electricity bill will be high this month. (Electricity in Singapore ain't cheap, and we don't have non-peak hours for cheaper rate unlike some of the countries). I try to find the shoulder with bone, however the supermarket doesn't sell it. So end up I just bought the shoulder meat. Bad choice, I should buy the belly meat instead.
After roasting for 4hours, the pork is super crispy and since it doesn't have much meat. The entire thing is very crispy. Personally I would prefer some soft pork meat, hence I said I should buy belly meat instead. My bf has very strong teeth, and most probably he loves the crispy skin so he kinda like it.

After roasting the pork, I started chopping up the carrots and red onion. And yes, no celery although the recipe included it. Reason? My bf & I don't like celery! Throw in the garlic & bay leaves, and pop back to the oven for another hour. I do regret not adding more carrots because after roasting it, the carrots taste so soft, so sweet and savory at the same time!
After hour is up, we placed the pork one side. My bf chopping the pork to smaller pieces and I cooking the gravy. I couldn't find vegtable stock in the supermarket, so I use fish stock (as I have a packet at home). After 15mins of stirring, and the gravy is ready. We poured the gravy onto the pork and at last, our dinner is ready! (It was already 8.15pm and normally we have dinner at 7pm). my bf absolutely love the dish because he likes pork (and I don't). I don't mind cooking the dish for him again since he likes it so much. But on personally note, I think I would love the dish more if there is more soft meat. Hence on the next try, I definitely will buy belly meat instead.

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