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Monday, 22 September 2014

REVIEW: Nature's Way, EfaGold, Flax Oil, 1000 mg, 100 Softgels

I have been having pimples issue for very very long time. I don't have pimples during my puberty. But once I started working, I start having pimples. Doctor say is due to hormones or stress. On and off, I will have this massive outbreak. Then I will need to go back to the doctor for some medicine which is quite expensive!
One day, I was gossiping chatting why one of our colleague, L who is almost 40years old has such a good complexion. My colleague, S told me they have been taking Flax Oil for quite sometime. It helps for the complexion as well as fertility. I was TTC and always praying for good complexion (at least no pimple outbreak), so I decided to buy a bottle at Iherb.
Iherb is selling USD6.72 per bottle. According to my colleagues, in store will cost you about SGD50 or so! Furthermore the shipping is only USD4 and takes about 2 weeks to reach Singapore. I took a bottle from my colleague as she always stock up at the office. I have been taking a month, together with the antibotics from my doctor (as I just have a major outbreak 2 months back). My skin recovered at a much faster speed! The antibotics from doctor would work, but taking it with Flax Oil makes the pimples gone at a faster rate. Furthermore the pimple marks are not that obvious too.
However I'm not sure about the fertility since I'm still not pregnant yet. But I will be trying for Vitex next.

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