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Monday, 15 September 2014

Yesterday my bf & I continue our follow up visit with Dr Tan Siew Buoy at NTU TCM. She was quite excited after seeing my charts. My bf & I have BD before and after my ovulation day.

Dr Tan comments that high chance that I will be pregnant since my menses hasn't come yet. I mention that I do have spotting now. She told me that if my temperature doesn't go down the next day, I still have chance. My bf was kinda excited and hopeful about it. The doctor follow up with all the usual checking for me and my bf. Prescribe more powder herbs for us and our next appointment will be in Nov.
Bad news my temperature went down today and my menses came. I messaged my bf to inform him and from his message, I guess he is kinda disappointed. I guess we just have to try again!

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