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Thursday, 16 October 2014

REVIEW: no!no! Hair Removal in Black

I'm not really a pretty girly type of girl, who dolls up with professional makeup. And If I do, most probably because I need to attend to some wedding. But there are three things I'm extremely particular about - Aging, Whitening and Hair removal. So far I'm doing a good job on the first two and now I'm still trying to keep my body hairless.

I'm not really a hairy person. Even I don't shave or wax, the hair on my body is not very obvious because my hair belong to fine type. But I still trying to get rid of them. In the past, I went to parlor to get IPL but as time goes by, I'm getting lazier and lazier and start to miss my appointments. So when time goes by, hair start growing again.

One day my bf & I were watching 女人我最大, they were recommending no!no! Hair removal. So we decided to give it a try. For hair at hands & legs, I can remove it with no problem at all. But for facial and arm pit, it doesn't do a really good job. When you sliding the device across your skin, the heated wired will burn off your hair which causes to have some burnt smell. Neverthelss, if the hair is properly removed, your skin will be hairless for a month plus, which is very good. Anyway I'm selling it away because I just got another IPL home device from Amazon. Hopefully the device will works easier and more effectively.

no!no! Hair Removal in Black includes
•1x no!no! hair removal device
•1x narrow and wide tips
•1x narrow and wide buffer
•CD instructions and manual
•Cleansing brush
•Power Adaptor

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