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Sunday, 26 April 2015

REVIEW: ALISEA Boutique Hotel.

This is (almost) one month post as I have been back from Krabi almost 4 weeks. We were looking for reasonable priced hotel which is located at Aonang Beach. Alisea happens to fit the bill. For the suite, it costs us about SGD100 per night. For normal room, is arnd SGD60 if I remember correctly. My advise is get the normal room as the suite is not worth it.

As you can see the room is very spacious with a mini balcony. There is stairway up to the loft and to the wooden bath tub at the second floor balcony. The second floor balcony is not well maintained and the wooden bath tub is dirty & leaking. After cleaning the tub (by ourselves), we realized the leak when we filling up the water in the bath tub and saw steams of water leaking out of the tub. The shower head in the bathroom is very good though. There is also glass panel so that you can look thru the bathroom to the bedroom.

The facility in the hotel also quite limited. Infinitely pool is quite small. The services (check in check out) is pretty fast though. Car park lot also very limited, 4 lots if I remember correctly. Hence every time we drive out, we have to reserve a lot from the receptionist.

For the location, it is 10mins walk to Aonang beach. So it away from the crowded yet near to the beach. Then again, there is nothing much in Aonang beach. So no point staying near it if you want a beach view. Good for shopping and eating though.

Most likely I will not stay in the hotel again. Beside the good services from the hotel staff, I would prefer another hotel which is not around Aonang beach as it is too rowdy. The facilities of the hotel is quite limited too. My bf said that my standard is too high because my expectation is JW Marriott Khao Lak.

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