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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Meetup with my buddy and have a great lunchie to celebrate his birthday. Since we are both busy and have not met up with each other probably few months, there is alot of updates. I guess the highlight is I'm getting more eccentric (he emphasis not eccentric, is MORE eccentric because I'm always been weird since he knows me from day 1) Well, I know I'm different and that's why I'm special. 

The thing is when you grow older, or rather when I grow older, I put my happiness higher and higher in priority. I do not understand social norms and peer pressure, and now I don't even pretend I understand at all.

So my buddy was complaining about his lack of love life and all his friends was attached, and most of the times he is alone (which is totally not true). I was talking about most of my time is spend with my partner & family. I don't really hang out with "friends" anymore. He asking what happen to my "friends". I exclaimed "Thought I told you before these girls are being dramatic and try to make my life miserable. I axe all of them after they still try to be funny with me when I warn them I reached my limit" My buddy was asking why so many months I still have not make up with them. The thing is why should I? Unless they do something which makes me feel that I'm not going to get these drama shit again. I do not need friends that makes my life sucks. I do not need friends that gossip behind my backs and pretend they are my BFF in front of me. I don't know is it a girl thing and I never really been a female anyway (mentally). So now my motto is I will not hesitate to kick anyone out of my life if they make my life suck.

I do not understand why people can rant over something again and again. If you hate it and is a eye sore, get rid of it. How do ranting helps? Be it jobs, friends or partner, either accept it (and stop ranting), change it or get rid of it. Unless you love having your life miserable, then just continue stick with it I guess. I guess in most cases people reach 60s, they stop caring about social norms & peer pressure. And people starts saying that they are getting eccentric. Mine start early in the 30s. Either accept who I am or bug off! *shrug*

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