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Sunday, 27 September 2015

How I survive my first trimester

I can tell you my first trimester is living hell. Everyday I would tell my partner that I'm dying soon and I never been so sick throughout my entire life. My colleagues were worried as I'm almost white as sheet. End up my gynae gave me 1 month hospitalization leave to rest at home.

Nothing can make my morning sickness to go away. But these 3 items do help me to lessen the effects of my morning sickness.

The journey between my home & work is about 30mins car ride. Motion sickness + morning sickness can literally kill me. Drinking this once I reached my office definitely ease my suffering by 50%. By the way my morning sickness is not morning only. Is the full entire day! So I don't only drink this in the morning, I drink this for the whole entire day. Selling at USD4.99 at Iherb.

As and when when I'm feel like I'm going to vomit in the next min, I will pop in this sweet. It works, and the feeling of going to vomit will vanish into the air. Fruity taste which is combination of sweet & sour. My favourite is green apple. This is especially helpfully during travelling. Selling at USD5.12 at Iherb.

As I mention, my morning sickness is the entire freaking day. So this is further aid to the tea & sweet. After my morning bathe, I would instantly wear this on my wrist. When I'm back home from work, I will remove it. The band is quite tight because need to press on the right point on your wrist, so sometimes my hands will feel cramp. In this case, I would remove it and wear it again in an hour time. Selling USD6.75 at Iherb.

If you are having the worst morning sickness like me, you can consider buying the above 3 items and try it out. It's not expensive and very affordable. And continue to pray that your morning sickness will be gone asap. Mine stops around week 13, but motion sickness still will trigger the morning sickness.

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