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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bob Marley's quotes

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

REVIEW: Kiss and Run: The Single, Picky, and Indecisive Girl's Guide to Overcoming Fear of Commitment

Book description (adapted from
  • You May Be Commitment-Phobic If:
  • You have a mile-long list of requirements for your ideal mate
  • You go from one short-lived relationship to the next
  • You have a habit of dating "unavailable" men
  • You think many of your married friends have settled for less
  • You are constantly blowing "hot" and "cold" in your relationships
For years, it was the men who had the monopoly on commitment-phobia. Today, single women are the fastest-growing segment of the population, with over forty-seven million single women in this country and twenty-two million of them between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four. Whatever the reasons -- fear of divorce, increased financial independence, delayed motherhood -- more women than ever no longer feel the urgency, or the ability, to settle down. Lucky for this growing group of women, author and former commitment-phobe Elina Furman has written Kiss and Run, the first-ever book about female commitment anxiety.
Filled with fun quizzes, first-person testimonials, and step-by-step action plans, Kiss and Run includes the top-five panic buttons, advice for curbing overanalysis, and tips for fixing negative commitment scripts. You'll also find the seven types of commitment-phobes, including the Nitpicker, the Serial Dater, and the Long-Distance Runner.
Based on the stories of more than one hundred women, this straight-talking guide helps single women conquer commitment anxiety and say yes to love.


I guess being single for a period of time makes me quite strong and independent. Learning to be with another party is a toll for me. Getting used to each other, getting serious & committed in a relationship and believe that this will works is definitely a challenge for me. I guess I do have some form of commitment phobia. My guy is great, so I guess is me -_-

Browsing thru the net and hoping to find something useful for me to read up and I chanced upon 'Kiss And Run'. Beginning I'm quite sceptical about it, but I just bought it because of all the quizzes. I guess it would be fun (I'm a sucker for quizzes!). The book is quite interesting. The author gives interesting name for different personality. And I guess I'm closest to 'The Free Spirit', but I score average in my quiz though. Actually for all the quizzes, I score either average or low. I guess I don't have a very strong personality (according to the author's segregation) and had a mixture of some of the personalities combined.

Anyway, some of the sections, my guy is doing together with me. As in I'm doing it, and he is beside me looking thru my answers. He thinks that some parts of the book describe me quite accurately. And frankly speaking, he is REALLY glad that I'm taking the book seriously.

I have finished the book few weeks back. I don't find the advices exceptionally useful because I already know them. Is more towards whether I can really do it. But it definitely a good read, especially for ladies that needs encouragement.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review: Lush Gorgeous Moisturer

Adapted from:
Skincare doesn’t get any better than Gorgeous; we firmly believe it’s the finest quality moisturizer on the market. When you buy a pot of Gorgeous, you’re spending your hard earned money on organic ingredients like orange blossom honey, extra virgin olive and wheat germ oils to leave your skin feeling soft and matte, perfect for day time. Its magical ability to melt into your skin is unmatched, and its legion of fans will be the first to tell you how much their skin has improved since they started using Gorgeous. Care to join them?


  • A product of expertise: Our inventors expertly formulated Gorgeous to be suitable for all skin types.
  • Visible results: You’ll notice an improvement in the texture of your skin within 4 to 6 weeks while using Gorgeous. Skin will appear softer, smoother and brighter!
  • Tropical fruit infusion:Fresh pineapple juice naturally cleanses away dirt and oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh and bright.

I didn't get the whole tub as it is quite expensive. SGD135 for 45g! *Eyes popping out* But the sales gal keep on raving on the product (And I hope the reason is she personally use it and the product works perfectly for her) and eventually able to persuade me to buy one of the gift set with a small tin of Gorgeous.
I used it for 2 weeks or so, and the product is really good. It reduces the redness in my pimples, smoothen my skin and make my face slightly glowly. I love the smell too. I can't really describe the smell. It sometimes like faint waxy honey smell. When I went to visit the doctor for my pimples, I was prescribe some cleanser and gel for my face. Hence I stop using Gorgeous for sometime.
Few weeks back I saw the small tin of Gorgeous and find it is pretty wasteful to throw it away, so I applied it on my bf's face. First week I was just trying to use up the moisturiser and I adore sniffing my bf's face. Second week my bf & I found that his face is slightly glowly as compared to before using Gorgeous. Third week his face is less oily, more glowly and definitely much smoother as compared to before using Gorgeous! We are quite surprized in the improvement of his complexion. Oh ya, my bf's face was on the oily side, dull, manly rough skin and big pores. Just apply once in the evening, after using Lush tea tree toner, and you can also achieve a healthier skin!
I definitely will be buying Gorgeous again once he has finished the small tin. Although the price is quite hefty, it definitely lasts for a pretty long time. Imagine a small tin can last more than 1 month, a 45g tub would last more than 6months! Anyway is my 4th month in my pimple treatment, my pimples are already gone but my cheeks are covered with red marks. I would try to use Gorgeous once I complete my doc prescription.