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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day 10 & 11: Danang & Bana Hills

At 10am, my couchsurfing friend bought me to the nearby goddess of mercy temple. You can view the big white statue just by standing at the Danang beach. When you reached the temple, you can really see how big the statue is. It also my friend's first time to the temple, so he didn't know where is the front door. So we climbed through the locked back door and into the temple. We are not the only one doing it because in front of us, some of the locals are doing the same thing. So I guess climbing over locked gate is a norm? Beside the goddess of mercy, there is also buddha and the 18 arhats guarding him. At the back of the temple, there is also laughing buddha. Vietnamese is as faithful as Thai when praying to the gods. Even little children knee and bow while praying. After that, my friend wanted to go Monkey beach but I guess he can't find the way there. So end up after lunch, he sent me back to the hotel.
When I reached my hotel, I surf internet for awhile and send several messages to my other couchsurfing friends in Danang. Sadly, no one is free. So end up I roam around the beach area. I guess the weather is consider bad, cloudy and drizzling. So there is absolutely no crowds at the beach. I want to take my book and do some reading before dinner. But the weather is really too cold. It doesn't make any sense to read my books on the beach while shivering in the rain right? So I have a early dinner, tabao some food back to my hotel. Send rest of my day watching drama and surfing internet.
Next day, my plan is to go Bana Hills as recommend by the hotel. PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE! I would say more than 50% of Bana Hills is not completed yet! There is only fantasy amusement park and 2 temples there. I want to see the french town and is totally in construction! I guess the only thing I find worth it is that the restaurant is pretty cheap for a nice bowl of beef noodle! They might have the longest, coolest cable car ride. But you can only view the scenery for first half. Then later is all covered with fogs and you can see nothing. Maybe you try going during summer time when Bana Hills is 100% completed. If not paying VND400,000 is totally waste of money.
Later in the afternoon, I headed to the airport and make my way to my last stop HCM!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Day 9: My Sons + Hoi An Heritage Old Town

Due to lack of time, I decided to go My Sons early in the morning and Heritage Old Town in afternoon.
5am the tour bus picked me up from my hotel, brought me to collect my breakfast at some restaurant and off we go to My Sons. Everyone is napping at the bus until the tour guide announced that we are reaching within 15mins time. I guess we are the first batch of visitors (afterall we are 5am group!), the whole place is quite secluded and serene as well. Please spray yourself with entire bottom of repellent. Because you will be swarm by mosquitoes and other funny insects! The sky is cloudy & drizzling, and I can see mosquitoes here and there. I can't imagine on a hot sunny afternoon!
The first site is the grandest and several tombs. You can go into two of them and view the tombs inside. There are alot of stone carvings that they have collected. Subsequent site, there is lesser tombs & statues. As the tour guide only accompany us to the first site, we have to navigate ourselves to the rest of the sites and make our own way back. Initially, my instinct told me to walk the long secluded road, but upon seeing some of the tourists walking back from there. Another group is walking another way. I decided to follow them. WRONG! End up we walked back to the initial way that I walked. Next time trust my own instinct! After everyone gathered at the shelter, we board the bus and made our way back to Hoi An.
When I reached Hoi An, I made my way to Heritage Old town. Once you entered the town, you find that you are inside those ancient kungfu drama or movie. The buildings are exactly same! As adapted from lonely planet, below are the core places you can consider to visit.
Japanese Covered Bridge 
(Ð Tran Phu & Ð Nguyen Thi Minh Khai) 
Hoi An’s iconic bridge was constructed in 1593 and has a roof and a temple built into its north-ern side. According to one story, the bridge’s construction began in the year of the monkey

Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation 
(opposite 35 Ð Tran Phu; admission by Old Town ticket;  h7am-5.30pm)
Founded for community meetings, this hall later became a temple to worship Thien Hau, a deity born in Fujian Province in China. Check out the elaborate mural, the unhealthy skin of the statuary, and the replica of a Chinese boat.

(101 Ð Nguyen Thai Hoc; admission by Old Town ticket;  h8am-noon & 2-4.30pm)
A lovingly pre-served house from the 19th century, which once belonged to a Vietnamese merchant. Japanese and Chinese architectural infl u-ences are evident throughout. The house is a private home, and has been in the same family for seven generations.

Tran Family Chapel 
(21 Ð Le Loi; admission by Old Town ticket;  h7.30am-noon & 2-5.30pm)
This chapel was built in 1802 for worshipping family ancestors by Tran Tu, who ascended to the rank of mand-arin. Its architecture refl ects the in fl uence of Chinese (the ‘turtle’-style roof ), Japanese (triple beam) and vernacular (look out for the bow-and-arrow detailing) styles.

Quan Cong Temple 
(Chua Ong; 24 Ð Tran Phu; admission by Old Town ticket) 
Dedicated to venerated Chinese gen-eral Quan Cong, who is worshipped as a symbol of loyalty and justice, this temple has some wonderful papier-mâché and gilt statues. When someone makes an offering to the portly looking Quan Cong, the caretaker solemnly strikes a bronze bowl.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 8: Easyrider from Hue to Hoi An

I look forward for my easyrider trip from Hue to Hoi An because it would be a private tour by motorbike! So exciting! Early in the morning at 8am, my ah pek biker waiting for me at the lobby while I having my breakfast. Made my payment at Stop & Go, then begin my journey! The ah pek biker is very caring towards me, perhaps I look very young and tiny. At first, he gave me his sunglass (I guess the road is too dusty?). 30mins down the trip, he stop by a mama shop and bought a bottle of water & mask for me because the road is REALLY dusty with tons of cars. Another 1hr later, he took off his windbreaker and asked me to wear it. He say the sun is too glaring and it is bad for my skin. SO SWEET RIGHT!
I will write the actual plan in blue against my initial plan...
1.Lang Co beach:The beach is a long stretch of fine sand, with a gradual slope and shallow waters. The average sea temperature here is 25 degrees. From here it is easy to reach other great beaches on the Son Tra peninsula. Boats leave from here for Ngoc Island, where there are many aquatic activities on offer.The Lang Co peninsula is renowned for its myths, history and spectacular landscapes; its where the Chan May and Hoi Cam rivers run into the sea.Here tourists can enjoy diving, mountain climbing, and expeditions with local fishermen. Actually I bypass this while going up Hai Van Pass. You look down from the mountain, you can see the beach.

2. Hai Van Pass  :  Hai Van Pass is one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam. When braving the steep winding roads of a paved mountain pass, you will have a chance to discover peace, quiet and history along the way. Ok, done this. Because you need to pass this road from Hue to Hoi An.
3.Cham museum  : The Cham Museum was built in Cham architectural style, using thin lines that are simple and gentle. Cham architecture originates from the period between the 5th and 15th centuries, when a matriarchal society prevailed. At present, the museum displays approximately 300 sculptures, among which some are made from terracotta. I didn't go here at all.
4. Marble Mountains:All of the mountains have cave entrances and numerous tunnels, and it is possible to climb to the summit of one of the peaks. Several buddhist sanctuaries can also be found within the mountains, making this a famous tourist destination. Done this. If there is no one going up the stairs and you can't see the top. DO NOT GO UP! I must be feeling very adventurous so I climb the long flight of stairs. Around 3/4 of the journey, I'm crawling up LITERALLY! And if there is something up there, I still feel alright. But there is nothing at all! Just a bare spot! There is a sign but is in Vietnamese. I guess is some buddha will come here to medidate or something. Beside this, there are several mini caves, you can wander in and see all the deities statues. Outside the Marble Mountains, is full of vendors selling marble souveniors. I bought a tiger eye tian lu and a marble stone carving incense urn for my father. Cost me USD90! According to the shop owner, the marble stone is from Marble Mountain hence it is more expensive than the rest of the marble which is from Parkistan. And the reason that is more expensive is Vietnam government has banned anyone from digging marble from Marble Mountain. I feel ganna chopped but I guess is ok.

5.Non Nuoc Beach :It first rose to fame when its close proximity to Da Nang led to it being used as an R&R destination for American soldiers. an endless expanse of unspoiled white sand beach, is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. It is more famous among the American and Australian soldiers for being the landing ground during the Vietnam War. It lies a few kilometers to the south of Danang within close range to the Marble Mountains, one of the Vietnam popular destination. Done this but same as the beach above. I look down from the mountain to see the beach.
I guess I'm not really shortchanged. The ah pek biker brought me to Elephant Spring. But there is entrance fee of VND10,000 (if I remember correctly). Long time ago, before the Vietnam war, the elephants from the mountain will come down to this spring for water and relax. But due to the war, the elephants moved to North. So now, no more elephants but there is a stone elephant statue. Nice clean spring water for people to swim or just soak in while tiny fishes swim around you. You can also rent a tentage for VND200,000 and bbq or cook your food for 2D1N.
He also brought me to the American & French or Dutch bunkers at the top of the mountain. He actively asked me to climb up the bunker and took photo of me. Went into the bunker and asked me to stand some position and took "special effect" photo of me.
Lunch suppose to be own, but he treated me his favourite fish noodle. You can say the amount I pay can include the cheap lunch. You are right, but it is still a goodwill given by him.
Finally we reached Hoi An and it started to drizzle. Ah pek biker quickly stop at the roadside and brought out his raincoat for me. I put on the thick plastic top and bottom, end up look like T virus scientist in Resident Evil. About 15mins or so, he dropped to some tailor shop. I did find the tailor quite expensive. USD50 for each tailor dress. Because the ah pek biker's service is so good, I just tailor some dresses on his account. After paying the dresses, he brought me to my hotel - Thanh Binh 1. The first drama unfold - the hotel is fully booked! So they sent me to Thanh Binh 2 which is 5mins walk away. The room is quite horrible. You need to slam the door in order to get it close, the water from the shower is few seconds hot few seconds cold, electric sockets don't work, air con is very noisy and there is wires & pipes poking out of the hotel. I just stayed 1 night and move to Danang the next evening.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 7 Hanoi to Hue
Early flight to Hue, so i woke up at 4.30am and my homestay helped me booked a cab to the airport. When I reached Hue, I can't help the cab driver that the hotel sent me so I took a random cab. Costs me more than VND300,000 *CRYZ* Check in Jade Hotel, ate my breakfast and waited for my couchsurfing pals to bring me around. First they took me to Thien Mu pagoda. It is rumored that if couple went there, they will break up. We took some photo and they brought to another pagoda. Halfway thru, they realized that they lost their way so we kinda backtracked. My couchsurfing pal need to go back for lunch and school, so he asked his other friends to bring me around at 3pm. Reached back my cozy hotel at 12pm, and decide to venture to Imperial City. Did I mention Jade Hotel has excellent service? Everything I stepped into the hotel, they will definitely served me lemon juice. Chat with me to make sure I'm feeling alright, etc. Anyway I checked with them how long to walk from hotel to Imperial City. It takes about 30mins walk! EMO! Slowly I make my way there.
While walking to Imperial City, you will passby Perfume River. I can tell you the scenery is very beautiful & artistic. Sculptures are placed at the park beside the Perfume River. Sitting there, relaxing or reading a book is also a good way to pass your afternoon away. Then you will reached one of 2 famous bridges (Blue Dragon bridge or White Tiger bridge). At night time, pretty hue lights will brighten the bridges and it seems like rainbow across the Perfume River. Of course the bridges will be busy with traffic. But fear not, as there is a path cater for people to walk by. Soon I have reached the Imperial City. It looks kinda similar to Forbidden City in China, but is smaller scale. Most of the buildings are either replica or damaged during the Vietnamese War. It's quite a petty, if not the Imperial City will be much more beautiful and grander. Oh ya, do takes note that the entrance is not the exit. After walking for 3hours, my legs are sore & aching so I decided to call it a day and walked back to my hotel. After searching for the entrance, I realized you cannot exit from there. End up I spend another 15mins searching for the exit. Just nice my couchsurfing pal messaged me that his friends are making their way to my hotel.
After walking back to my hotel and met up with new bunch of friends, we head to another "secret" pagoda. The place is very serene and only several people are hanging out there. I guess is pretty accurate there as all of my couchsurfing pals went to pray and ask for a lot. I also got my lot and my couchsurfing pal interpret for me. It's say that I need to be patient and wait for good things to come to me. Or something like that. I hope is talking about my relationship, not my career or money or property. I don't mind my relationship to be slow as tortoise. But I hope my career, money & property can soar like eagle!

Now is the dinner time! We made our way back to the town and went to a local roadstall. I guess is one of their favourite roadstalls as they highly recommend it. End up I ate dried pork skin with noodle in rojak style and drank corn with coconut milk as dessert. Quite special as I never seen it. Even my friends who went to Vietnam also never taste it. I guess it is Hue's speciality food.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 6 Hanoi
I reached hanoi around 4.30am! And slowly make my way to the homestay. Lucky I put my luggage at the homestay before I go to Sapa, so I need to drag my luggage in the dark. Although is dark but you definitely not lonely because at the front of the train station, there is a horde of taxi drivers! Seriously they really know how to earn money. Anyway I have booked a tour to Perfume Pagoda which is at 8.30am. I took a quick shower and nap for a while.
In the morning, I stood at the gate of my homestay for almost an hour before the tour bus arrived! It is drizzling and lucky the shop has shelter for me to stand. If not, I will definitely be drenched. At first, I thought that I'm going to Perfume Pagoda. End up, there is no people going there. So the tour agent just slot me into another tour - HOA LU & TAM COC!! If she told me in advance, I will know be that pissed. But morning I make so many calls to her, she didn't even mention it at all! Anyway, she did refund me USD4 for the cable car. But still mega bad service!
My itinerary turned out to be "Inland Ha Long Bay”. The area of Tam Coc and Hoa Lu is characterised by the limestone geology that gives rise to the towering karsts that make this picturesque area so unique. On this enjoyable day trip, the atmosphere is relaxed as you casually pedal and paddle your way past green rice fields, along waterways and through underground passages.

AM : 8.00 leave Hanoi by coach to Hoa Lu (2.5 hrs). Visit the historic capital of Viet Nam and the famous ancient temples of Le and The Dinh Dynasties. Bus transfer or cycle for an hour on picturesque quiet roads through villages, rice fields, rivers and rocky outcrops to Tam Coc (12km) for lunch.

PM : Boat trip to visit TamCoc to see the beauty of the karst formations as you pass along their base and row into one of the many caves carved through the limestone. Dive back to Ha Noi. Tour ends around 6pm.
The boat trip is another con case! The women will row the boat using their feet, pointing nice scenaries to us. Trying to explain with their very limited english. While people with camera will keep on taking your photo on another boat and trying to sell photo to you at the end of the boat trip. You think is bad, this is not the worst. At the end of the river, the women have to U-turn and row back. Then you will tio horde by a group of women, selling drinks & snacks. They will block your boat and pestered you to buy! You think is the end? NO WAY! Half way back to the river, the woman rolling our boat stopped and tried to sell us souvenior! After saying NO for million of times, we finally reached back to the shore!
We took our bus back to Hanoi and I met up with my couchsurfing friend for dinner at her place.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 3 Evening in Hanoi and Day 4 & 5 at SAPA
Day 3 Night: Hanoi to Lao Cai by the night train 4 berth soft sleeper cabin with AC - Lao Cai to Sapa by car/van.
At 7:30 pm transfer from your hotel to the Hanoi train station for boarding at 9:15 pm. You will be in shared AC soft sleeper cabins of 4 to travel North to Lao Cai town. The next morning: The train arrives in Lao Cai at about 5:00 am where your Sapa Pathfinder Travel guide will welcome you. Look for the "Hoang Ha Sapa Hotel" sign when you exit the train station. Then take a morning drive through the clouds by bus / van to Sapa (about 1.5 hours). When you arrive in Sapa you will be taken to Hoang Ha Sapa Hotel for a morning shower & breakfast, then prepare for the trek as detailed below:
Day 4: Sapa Town - Cat Cat Village

Picked up at Lao Cai Station upon your early arrival for over an hour drive uphill in a shared mini van to Sapa. After freshen up and Breakfast in a local restaurant you will enjoy a walk around this charming town, paying visit to Sapa market and the old cathedral where you can meet a lot of local ethnic minority peoples such as Black H'mong and Red Zao wearing their traditional colorful dresses selling their farming and gathering products and handicrafts for souvenir.
Check in your hotel, having Lunch and noon Break before departing for a walk to Cat Cat village locating near the bottom of a deep valley at the foot of Fansipan Peak. Spectacular scenery of mountains and terraced rice paddies changes after every corner as you walk downhill. Getting through Cat Cat village of the H'mong, you will pay visiting to some local homes, witnessing their daily life activities and experiencing their hospitability. Continue walking down to the valley bottom, having a break at a stunning waterfall where the French built a hydraulic power station, you will walk uphill and make a loop around the valley and get back to Sapa. The rest of the afternoon and evening is at your leisure.
Breakfast and Lunch included, Dinner on your own
Accommodation: Hoang Ha Sapa Hotel
Day 5:  Explore 3 Minority Villages - Night train to Hanoi

Leaving your hotel after Breakfast, you will walk along the main road heading south for about an hour before turning right to a foot path down hill to Muong Hoa Valley. This part offers spectacular scenery of the highest part of Hoang Lien Son mountain range and in a nice day, Fansipan Peak can be seen. Crossing the river by a suspension bridge you will challenge your feet uphill to Y Linh Ho village. Here you will pay visiting to some H'mong families, watching them doing their daily works. After picnic Lunch, the trail continues up and down hill for about 2 hours as you reach to Lao Chai, a large village of the H'mong. Picnic Lunch and then following the river bank to Ta Van of the Zay people. Paying visiting to local homes, village schools... you will enjoy much your cultural discovery of local ethnic peoples as well as breathtaking scenery of the Muong Hoa Valley. Pick up and transfer back to Sapa in the afternoon, take a shower and then transfer down hill to Lao Cai station for taking the night train to Hanoi which arrives in Hanoi early at 05.30 to 06.00 next morning.
• Breakfast & Picnic Lunch included, Dinner on your own
• Overnight on the train
The train is quite old and not that clean. But as compared to the local trains, taking the tourist train is much better. There is cockroaches in the cabin, so once the train started moving. It is best that you just off the light and sleep. It will be bumpy and noisy, but I took my motion sickness pill so I just dozed off. I guess is too early in the morning, so my mind is not that awake. My friend and I followed the wrong car, hence halfway up hill, he drove us downhill to fetch his correct customers. And we went to look for the correct bus. Lesson learnt: Next time must check the tour name / hotel name, not just merely my name.
When we reached SAPA, we quickly went for our breakfast then to our tour. The cat cat village is very peaceful. Yes, you will have villagers following you around, pestering you to buy stuffs from them. But people there are quite nice and peaceful. The animals will sleep and basked under the sunlight. After half day trekking, we went back to check in our hotel. My friend and I walked around SAPA, and I truly love there. I bought a fake Northface jacket for VND500,000 which is around SGD30. Even for a normal jacket, outer windbreaker, inner cotton fabric, it is still quite cheap.
Next day we went for trekking again. The weather is not in our favour. It is very foggy with slightly drizzling. Totally different from previous weather, cooling and sunny. I fell down a few times, my new jacket, bag and jeans is muddy! Then again, if not for kind hearted villagers who held my hand and lead me the way. Maybe I will roll down the hill. Funny thing is they just wore slippers or some plastic slip on, and they can walk easily in the slippery hill! Animals there is very well trained. They can roam around the hill in the day and get back home by night fall. Truly amazing! After the trekking, we went back for a quick shower before heading back to Lao Cat to take the overnight train.
In conclusion, SAPA is a must to visit!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Day 2 & 3 in Hanoi
Early in the morning, we waited for our tour guide to pick us up for the Halong Bay trip. Below is the itinerary.
[Feb 15]: Hanoi – Halong Bay (L, D)07:45 - 08:30: Our guide and shuttle bus will pick you up at your hotel and then transfer to Halong city. On the haft way, you have a short breakaround 20 minutes at Hai Duong city where you can experience our hand-madeVietnamese handicraft products such as lacquer wares, paintings, sculptures,embroideries, clothing etc, made by Hai Duong inhabitants and children war victims.After that, we go straight to Halong city.
12:30: Arrive Halong Bay, Welcome aboard with drinks. Checking in and setting sailthrough the mysterious bay whilst an exquisite lunch is served in a relaxing ambiance.Our cruise sails amongst natural rock formations of picturesque beauty; boastingviews of the UNESCO World Heritage unique seascape of Halong Bay, offering anopportunity to admire a collection of sculpted islets with amazing shapes resembling:Fighting Cock islet, Human heads islet, Swans islet, Toads, Finger islet and RockyDog islet
14:30: Visiting Ba Hang (three caves area) floating village by local rowing boat - oneof 4 fishing villages serving major tourist attractions in Halong Bay, located in theregion of well-known three caves, next to Thien Cung (heaven) grotto, Dau Go grotto... only with about 50 families spending their whole lives here. Excursion to floatingvillage: Taking a rowing boat by a local woman and visiting the floating villages offishing folk that will provide you with a unique cultural insight of warm and friendlypeople of the sea who have lived their whole lives aboard tiny bamboo boat.
16:00: Drop anchor in the calm water surrounded by beautiful islets for swimming,kayaking to visit Luon cave, surrounded by luxuriant trees and high dangerous stone walls. Exploring by kayak: After a lesson with our expert on how to paddle safely,you will kayak a maze of incredible rock formations rising majestically from greenwater, every turn will bring you new surprise. Secret passages leading to hiddenlagoons and magical sea caves with a unique ecosystem, getting close to sea creaturesand coral reef.
17:00: Enjoy the complimentary sunset party on the sundeck with local wine andfresh fruits. At this time, our guide also takes this chance to share more about localpeople’s living and customs.
17:30: Join Cooking demonstration.You will be guided by our chef step by step howto make a Vietnamese traditional cuisine. This is a very great chance for you to knowabout their daily life in Northern of Vietnam and understand more Vietnamese ingredients and its substitution that we use for our cooking class on the boat.
19:30: Dinner is served in the restaurant. A perfect moment for talking with friends and having a discussion on the next day’s exploration.
21:00: Relaxing at your cabin or trying squid fishing with the Royal crew, watching a movie, having a drink at the bar, internet access or playing exciting games. Overnighton board.
[Feb 16]: Halong Bay – Hanoi (B, L)07:30: Light Breakfast, coffee and tea served, while sailing to Sung Sot cave
08:30: Drop anchor to explore Sung Sot cave (Surprising cave) - one of the largestand the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay, regarded as an Opera theatre on Halon gBay with 3 main chambers covering an area of over 10,000 sq.m.
09:30: Back to Royal boat, relax before checking out
09:45 - 11:15: Buffet Lunch will be served on board whilst the Cruiser keeps on itsroute through the Bay back to Halong City.
12:00: Disembark at the harbor, Halong city. Take our shuttle bus to return to Hanoi
16:30: Arrival back at your hotel.
I would say the cruise is alright. I do see all the amazing and pretty caves and stones. But the activties in the cruise is quite disappointing. The cooking lesson is just teach us how to make the spring roll & sauce. Ingredients are provided, so you have to roll the spring roll and the kitchen will fry for you. KTV, watch movie, having a drink at the bar is at the same area. Please note that there is one TV only. For squid fishing, there is only a rod with a fake luminous bait. I asked the tour guide for real bait. But he said that squid does not smell like fish & prawn. They are more towards visual animals, so the fake luminous is sufficient to catch it. Oh well, I tried for 20mins, seeing alot of fishes swam pass my bait, I gave up. Went back to my room and read my book. Oh ya, there have fixed timing for hot shower. If you miss it, you can only bathe in cold water!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 1 in Hanoi
I reached Hanoi around 10.30am. Once I stepped out of the airport, taxi drivers promote themselves actively. In the end, we chose one that charged us USD10 for one trip. Cons is we have to wait for 15mins for another passenger. I guess it's a mistake. Because we want to save USD5, we waste about 30mins to 45mins. Anyway we reached our hotel - Hanoi Old Style almost at 1pm. The room is ok, clean with basic amenities and wifi. You can use the 2 PCs on the ground floor too. People with pet allergy, please take note they have a house cat. But he is really very friendly with strangers. The location is pretty convenient as the hotel is located at the old quarter.
After lunch at a nearby restaurant, my friend and I met up with 1 couchsurfer. She brought us to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, One Pillar Pagoda, Literature temple and Hoan Kiem Lake. This is my first time taking a bike with 3 person! I must say she is a pretty good biker as we waltz through Hanoi street. We wanted to see the puppet show in the evening, but I guess we give it a miss after it started raining. Alot of the shops in old quarter are still having TET holiday so we went back to our hotel.

Monday, 4 February 2013

REVIEW: Japanese No-Part Bangs Cut at Orchard Salon, Beauty Spot

Bought the voucher at SGD28 and was curious about the Japanese No-Part Bang.

  • Professional hairstylists that will analyze your face shape, hair growth, hair quantity, etc. before designing your bangs accordingly
  • Hairstylists will also teach you how to style your bangs at home
  • Create natural and manageable bangs. 
  • Helps to make thin hair look thicker and airy and the face look smaller
  • No damaging equipment will be used on your hair. The entire hair styling process uses scissors only
  • Bangs are flattering additions to your regular hairstyle
  • Bangs may also rock your wavy locks to get that extra zing you have been longing for
  • Slick long to medium layers and soft fringes on forehead
When I went in, there is no waiting time which is good. Salon is a small tiny shop run by 3 aunties. Hair stylist immediately start to trim my hair on the spot. So much about the "analyze" face shop, hair growth, hair quantity before designing my bangs. Suddenly more and more people came. I find the hair stylist didn't really concentrate on cutting my hair as there is alot of "stray" hairs at my fringe. Then the hair stylist went to the new customer, and another auntie came to wash my hair after I waited for 15 to 20mins! I opt for additional hair treatment - $38 for normal mask & steam. Treatment took about 30mins, and the auntie brings me to wash my hair. I waited for 20mins before she came to blow dry my hair, seriously my fringe is dried naturally. Another 15mins before the hair stylist came to touch up. Her excuse that after treatment, my hair will become "looser" hence all the "stray" hairs. WHATEVER! I just want to finish my hair ASAP!

After she finished cutting my hair, I asked the hair stylist what is Japanese Carved Cut... And the answer is just cut straight the fringe = Japanese Carved Cut *ROLL EYES*

Anyway is really cheap $28. And my hair length (touching my butt) normally will costs $40 or more. With the price, I don't really care about the design of my hair style. But the waiting time is definitely a KILLER! I can save almost an hour if I need not keep on waiting due to lack of staffs.