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Saturday, 30 June 2012

~hoya kerrii~

searching for few months..finally found my heart shaped "cactus"!
next wishlist to buy is butterfly in a jar!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

AUD/CAD is a flop! I should have sold it before I went to least I take profit at 10pips instead of loss *emo* 

EUR/USD is one of my favourite aim because there is always ups and downs. EMA 5 cross over EMA 10. CHECK! Trending down. CHECK! RSI below 50! CHECK! (and when i sell it, it is quite below 50 instead of ranging) Sell @ 1.24855 After waiting for 3 hours, dropped till 20pips (my target), I closed my winning trade again.. 

Next morning I found that it actually dropped until 1.2455 (BANG WALL!) But I scare history will repeat itself *point to AUD/CAD* But the most heart wrenching is I miss out the big fall of EUR/USD!!!!! EMO!!!! BANG WALL!!! VOMIT BLOOD!!! SPIT OUT MY INTESTINES!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


EMA 5 cross over EMA 10. CHECK! Down trend. CHECK! RSI below 50 and heading down. CHECK! MACD positive to negative. CHECK! 

Entry point sell @ 80.402

I should have take profit at 79.70, but I always set my TP at 20 pips! This is the third time i cut my winning trade continuously since past week! HAIZ!!! Then again, I'm a newbie trader so don't dare to aim too much pips.... Hopefully today would be better, but looking at AUD/CAD... is moving very slow, but I do hope is slow and steadily UPZ!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

my sweet lovely daughters

Diablo III

Completed the normal mode few weeks back. On and off when my friends need help in nightmare mode, I will entertain for awhile. But seriously the game is not that fun. Plot sucks. Graphics sucks. Even length of the game play is disappointing. If the creator takes a yr or so to complete, oh well, I guess is acceptable. Afterall is MMORPG type of game. But if you took more than 10yrs to create and perfect a game. This quality SUX!! I can totally see MMO part. Alots of clicking here and there. Alots of leveling to do. Alots of stuffs to collect. But seriously where is the RPG part?

I do consider myself as Diablo fan, loving it ever since I started playing Diablo during my schooling days. I even specially rig a CPU so that I can play Diablo 3 smoothly.

To console myself, at least there are different classes to choose from and that the only part which intrigues me. And off i go to my ps3 and continue skyrim!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After

Just finished reading singled out. It's definitely a great read to me. Although the statistics, survey and general data is targeted to USA (and I'm not from USA), the gist of it is still applicable to me. 

At first I got the book because I have too many friends nagging on my "abnormal" life, and makes me wonder am I really abnormal? After reading the book, I find that actually I'm as normal as the author. Single, capable and very much happy with her life. When I wonder why my friends are unhappy with their SOs yet sticking with them, always trying to resolve issues that is not "resolvable". And they are wondering why am I satisfy being single. It seems that my answer to them is "my world is complete with me and my 2 little dogs" is just an excuse to them. Endless times, I'm branded as weird by friends, colleagues and strangers. And truly, alot of times, I find their accusation weird. But hey, my real life examples can be found in the book, so I guess I'm not the only one going thru this.

Example 1: When I got my own apartment, ALL of the people I know asked me why I got such a big apartment for myself. Is only my 2 dogs and me living in it. What is the link between getting a big house and being singled? I prefer to live in a bigger place, and I can well afford it, so what's so weird about it? I know there are other couples getting smaller apartment than me, they just don't need as much space as me. So why must I be compared with couples getting smaller apartment than me?

Example 2: When coupled friends and colleagues complaint how envy they are towards me because I have tons of free time. But I never did. When I told them I have my own schedule and stuffs to do, they are so surprised. To them, accompany their SOs or taking care of their family is consider valid reason to be busy. But single me, need to accompany my dogs, do some reading, watching TVs or do some gaming are perceived as "free". I don't know, perhaps they think singles just stare at ceiling and ponder how come they cannot find their SOs? And accompany SOs and taking care of family are the only valid reason to be busy.

Example 3: Everytime when people asked why am I contented being single and seriously I want to be single for the rest of my life. I always answered "I'm ok being single or attached. However I find that my personality is more suitable to be single. It's nice to be attached because you always have someone to go holiday with and other stuffs, but it's also ok if I never found this person. Can't be just because I want someone to go holiday with me and do other couple stuffs, I accept any Tom, Dick or Harry". I'm judged being choosy or negative or just plain weird. Why?!

Example 4: Everyone comments I'm going to die alone if I'm single.... I have a big family! My sister will get married with kids. My brother will get married with kids. My cousins will get married with kids. Furthermore I have my friends. So why am I going to die alone? There are alot of elderly out there, married with kids, yet died alone because either their SOs had died earlier than them or their kids abandoned them. So getting married don't guarantee that you will not die alone.

In conclusion, I'm truly happy and contented with my life. I have my goals, my loves and I do find that I am living my life to the fullest. If few years down the road, I have a committed serious relationship, it's good. But if I'm single, I'm still will be happy, contented and as great as ever!