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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Review: Teochew Restaurant at Jonker Street & Straits Restaurant

Actually we planned to go to another recommended seafood restaurant. But once we reached there, the weather is pretty bad. Heavy rain and wind. Just stepped out the restaurant, the sand was blown into my eyes and I can't even move. My bf quickly cover my eyes and lead me to the restauramt. On the way to the restaurant, walking from the car park, we were greet by heavy rain. We requested for indoor, but they do not have. So end up we ran back to the car and head back to the hotel. When we reached our hotel, it was arnd 9pm.
Lucky Straits restaurant is jsut 5mins walk from the hotel and very lucky that it's not close yet. But we were the last customers. We quickly order our food and start to chit chat.
The food were served around 15mins later. We have ordered sea cucumber, white shells (lala), kang kong (but somehow their kang kong is differernt from what I always eat), salted egg prawn & freshly steamed Soon Hock fish.
For 3 person, the total bill is around SGD300. Personally I find it quite expensive but my bf say the price is consider reasonable as compared to Singapore. But of course we definitely can find cheaper alternative in Malacca.
Next day we went back to Jonker street for lunch at Teochew restaurant. My bf has made reservation for it the day before. Apparantly it is very famous and only reservation will get you into the restaurant. The restaurant is operated by family members (I guess), and only a few tables in the restaurant. My bf told me the owner will go to the market early in the morning to source for the freshest food. Hence there is no fixed menu.
We ordered fried oyster noodles (my bf has craving for it), fried fish paste ball (recommend by the staff), sambal bamboo shoots, fried frog's legs, kang kong (exactly what I always eat) and yam paste for dessert.
For 3 person, the bill is only $70!! Much cheaper than the seafood restaurant we had yesterday.

Review: Holiday Inn Meleka

My bf, me and my friend went to Malacca for a short road trip over the weekend. And of course the planning of accomodation is done by me. I never been to Malacca so I decided to choose some reputable hotel. Instead of some local hotel that I never heard of. The photos of Holiday Inn Melaka took my breath away and is near to the straits of Malacca.
My friend booked it at Agoda, which cost arnd SGD120 for a smoking deluxe room. I booked it via Holiday Inn website which cost me arnd SGD160 for a king size bed with straits view, non smoking. Below is an illustration for the difference of the room.
When we reached there, the hotel is new and clean. The staffs are polite and speak good english. Being their member, I have the priority or express queue. The check in is rather fast, just that I have booked for a non smoking room and they told me the non smoking room is all fully booked! As for friend, she booked for a smoking room and end up all smoking room is fully booked! *FAINT* Lucky the smoking room is not stinky and my friend can smoke in her non-smoking room. So I guess there is no much difference.
This is not the end of my disppointment. Since I paid slightly more, I expect my room to have bath tub and slightly bigger. But end up, is exactly same as my friend's room. NO BATH TUB AT ALL! I'm not sure why under the room description there is bath tub indicated but in actual fact, there is none. Is it consider false advertising? If I know there is no bath tub, I definitely will not book the hotel.
Next I look at the straits of Malacca. Totally disappointment. I think is more like construction of reclaim land view?
My friend was disappointed on the swimming pool. In the website, the pool view is kinda of like infinity pool. But actual swimming pool is a very normal swimming pool. Another false advertising? Or the different camera angle?
Other that that, the room & bathroom are spacious, bright and comfortable. I love the shampoo, shower gel and body lotion. Not oily, easily absorb to my skin and super nice scent. Holiday Inn Melaka also near to shopping centers and Jonker Street. Just 1 min walk from the hotel, you will reached the jetty. The seafood is quite fresh and reasonable pricing. But of course you can find even much cheaper seafood restaurant in Malacca. There is also KTVand cyber cafe too.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Kitten for adoption

My bf found a little kitten (tabby grey) at his office. I guess she is less than a month old. Very active, love playing with Donna and Pixie. Although most of the times, Donna will ignore her and Pixie will keep on licking her. My apartment is not suitable for keeping cat (and I already have 2 dogs). Any interested parties who love cat and want to adopt her for life, please contact me! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How to use Google Font

Maybe alot of you have already know how to use Google Font, but I only know about it today. Try google how to do it, but I still cannot get it. Trial and error and FINALLY able to get it right, according to my own style. Might not be the best solution but at least it works for me.

Step 1: Go to Google Font

Step 2: Choose the font you like. You may take a long time here because there is really alot of different fonts to choose!

Step 3: Click on quick use

Step 4: You will go to the next page with the codes. Take note of the codes under number #3 & #4.
Step 5: Copy the codes in number #3 and replace under the first highlight sentence and enter "/"
Step 6: Copy the codes in number #4 and replace under the second highlight sentence

Or you can copy from the below text
Step 7: You can start typing between <body> and </body>

Monday, 2 September 2013

Scrapbook - Tissue Box

My first project for #scrapbooking - Tissue Box! My SO & I were window shopping at spotlight and I chanced upon Kaisercraft tissue box. So I decided to do up a tissue box for him. Since he will be putting it in his car, I can't make it too feminine. I love butterflies so butterflies definitely in the plan. I bought Kaisercraft Timeless Paper Pad, 6-1/2-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Vintage 50 Sheets for the butterflies & the little postcard die cuts. For the top of the tissue box, I think I used Kaisercraft Bonjour Paper Pad, 6-1/2-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch, 40 Sheets. For the longer side of the tissue, I wanted to buy the Kaisercraft Timeless Sheet Music but I can't seem to find it in Spolight or Paper Market. So end up I just bought the witchy paper from Paper Market.
First I paste the papers to cover up the tissue box and add the little postcard die cuts.

Then I stamp some butterflies on the longer side of the tissue box. So it kinda look like the butterflies from the shorter side is somewhat link to the longer side.
I found a "love" embellishment so I add it on top of the post card. Then I paste foam tape on the white vintage photo frame I bought at Paper Market and paste it on the tissue box. As I still find the top is kinda plain so I add another "signature" stamp at the right hand bottom of my tissue box.
Lastly I add in the photo. JOB DONE! Oh ya, I didn't paste the photo on the tissue box. I just slot it into the photo frame. And this is the reason why I use foam tape to stick the frame to the tissue box, rather than glue it in. My SO requests me not to stick on it because he wants to change the photo as and when he likes.