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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

REVIEW: OF Betta Flora

I planned to buy Aquafarm and one of my friend recommend Betta Flora to me. He said it kinda have the same function as Aquafarm. So I went to buy it with a very good discount as my friend's friend is working there.

As you can see from the photo,  there is 2L flask (but actual water which the fish would swim in it would be lesser), a divider, a flow tube, sponge, plastic pebbles, plastic flooring, LED light cum cover and the plug.
After 'installing' all the parts, I start to pour the water into the flask. The pebbles & plastic flooring starts to float out! I quickly put them in place and pour the water into the flask. This time much slower. When done, I put my betta in. I named him Fighting. Because he is really angry most of the times. He will push out his gills and stare at me every now & then.
Personally I find it is still not really consider aquaponics. Firstly the sponge cannot absorb alot of water. Secondly the flow tube doesn't pump water. Is only when we pull in additional water, water at the bottom of the flask will flow out to the waste water 'cabinet' thru it. Lastly since there is lack of water & air flow, how a growing seedling able to survive? However some houseplant would work, like money plant. The plant is served more towards decoration purpose rather than cultivating plants.
I will get the Aquafarm once I got my HSBC credit card since there is a $50 cash rebate. Hopefully Aquafarm won't fail me as there is quite a few negative feedback regard it. *Cross finger*

Monday, 27 January 2014

Ciabatta Bread

Currently one of our favourite past time for my bf & I is baking breads & stuffs. Saturday we bake, Sunday the part time maid cleans and we have a week supply of breakfast. Mainly breakfast for my bf though because I don't really take breakfast.
We were planning to give the pumpkin bread a second try but realize our spare pumpkin has grown mouldy. Flipping my recipe book, my bf decided to bake Ciabatta instead. The steps are pretty easy and not much kneading is needed. But LOTSA time needed for the 'yeasting'! 4 hours needed for the yeast to work with the dough. After adding in one more cup of flour into the 'liquid' dough, another 1.5hr for it to rise again. After shaping the dough on the baking tray, another 0.5hr to rise again!
When we finally put the dough into the oven, it is nearly ten in the night! Next time we definitely try to bake earlier!
Fortunately Ciabatta tastes exactly like the ones my bf ate in Italian restaurant and he loves it. When he offered some to his colleague, his colleague also comment that it is same as Italian restaurant! At least this is a successful attempt as compared to the pumpkin bread.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Con Case: Brazilian IPL at Posh Wellness bought from Groupon

I'm always been 'fan' of Groupon and has been buying their vouchers many many times. But this time is really false advertising. Let's take a look at the voucher I bought.

Everything seems plain and simple right? Things only start to unfold during my first appointment with them. During the briefing, I was told that I must buy the hygience kit which cost $10, for every session. In the voucher, it is clearly indicated that hygiene kit may need to be purchase, if required. I guess every salon would have these small fine prints whereby they mis-interpret, so I just closed one eye and go ahead with it.
Now is the eyeball-dropping part, the staff told me the voucher includes only 10 shots. But the whole Brazilian IPL will needs 30 shots. I need to buy additional 20 shots which cost $60 for every session! That's totally extortion as clearly the voucher did not include this limitation! Unfortunately, I purchase 9 sessions for SGD145. So I asked the staff whether can I combine the sessions as I have 9 session which equal to 90 shots. The staff told me that they cannot combine the sessions. Either I pay additional $60 for full Brazilian IPL or just accept 10 shots of partial IPL which will not have any results at all!
End up I went ahead of partial Brazilian IPL with 10 shots as I'm not prepared to pay more. I still have 8 sessions more and I really don't feel like going back and paying $10 for the hygiene kit and there will not be any results at all. After discussing with my bf, he told me not to visit Posh Wellness anymore. $145 just take it as lesson learnt. Posh Wellness is totally dishonest and try to con people to buy their Brazilian IPL whereby they are only offering for Bikini IPL.
Nevertheless I wrote to Groupon and hope that I can claim back some money.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Pumpkin bread

I don't know how my bf & I decided to bake a pumpkin bread. But that's what we did over the weekend. I went to steam the pumpkin, mash it up and mixed with plain flour and salt. Add in the yeast and water to make it to a dough. My bf took over the kneading portion.
After kneading, we put it aside for the dough to rise. After an hour, we knead it somemore. Shape it and left to rise for an hour more. Then we sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top. Brush it will beaten egg. And put it into the oven.
Voila! Pumpkin bread is born. Look kinda professional, yeah? However the brand of yeast we used is not very active. I tried 2 packages but both doesn't foam well so I thought it is this way. After we tried the bread, it kinda stiff and not fluffy. So I guess the yeast is the problem. Nevertheless I bought the brand of yeast I always used. We will tried it again.
I'm not sure whether putting the bread in the freezer is a wise choice. Because we put our already stiffed bread into the freezer. And it became a hard rock. No kidding! So I guess it is better to finish off the bread within few days.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Osaka - Shinsekai (新世界)

Shinsekai (新世界) is Osaka's "new world," a district that was developed before the war and then neglected in the decades afterwards. At the district's center stands Tsutenkaku Tower, the nostalgia evoking symbol of Shinsekai.
The area was developed into its current layout following the success of the 1903 National Industrial Exposition, which brought over five million people to the neighborhood within just five months. Shortly after the expo closed its doors, work began to improve and update Shinsekai.
Paris was chosen as the model for Shinsekai's northern half, while the southern portion was built to imitate Coney Island in New York. Tsutenkaku Tower was constructed in 1912 after Paris' Eiffel Tower. Although it was scrapped during WWII, the tower was reconstructed soon afterwards in 1956. The current tower is 103 meters high, with the main observatory at a height of 91 meters.
Another noted attraction is kushikatsu, one of Osaka's best known specialties. It is a dish, composed of various skewered, battered and deep fried foods. Varieties on offer range from chicken and beef, to pumpkin and asparagus, to the banana and ice cream dessert varieties. Many of Shinsekai's kushikatsu restaurants are open 24 hours, but only truly come alive when the lights come on at night.
Shinsekai is also home to Spa World, a huge bath complex with a large number of pools on a European themed floor and an Asian themed floor (enjoyed naked and gender separated). The floors are switched between genders each month. Natural hot spring water is pumped up from far below the earth's surface.

Shinsekai is a short walk from Shin-Imamiya Station on the JR Loop Line, Dobutsuen-mae Station on the Midosuji and Tanimachi Subway Lines, and Ebisucho Station on the Tanimachi Subway Line.
Taken from:

Osaka - Kuromon Ichiba Market (Black Gate Market)

 Until the end of the Meiji Era, the Kuromon Ichiba Market used to be called Emmeiji Market, because there was once a large temple called Emmeiji nearby. Since there used to be a black gate northeast of this temple, the marketplace later came to be called”Kuromon Ichiba Market”(Black Gate Market).

The market has a total length of close to 600 meters with 170 shops, the vast majority of which specialize in the freshest and best quality meat, vegetables, eggs and other ingredients from around the country and abroad. Although well over half of total sales are for the business (professional chef) market, Kuromon Ichiba caters also to the general public. For more than 170 years, everyone from restaurant chefs to housewives have come here, drawn by the taste, freshness and variety of its products. You’ll love it.
Transportation: Subway Sakaisuji Line Nippombashi Sta.(exit No.5 and 10)
Our lunch!!!

Osaka - Dotonbori

One of Osaka's most popular tourist destinations, this street runs parallel to the Dotonbori canal. It is a popular shopping and entertainment district and is also known as a food destination. At night it is lit by hundreds of neon lights and mechanized signs, including the famous Glico Running Man sign and Kani Doraku crab sign.
*Taken from:
I would prefer to go during the night when all the neon lights are light up. But previous day, my parents are too tired to carry on walking. And we will be flying back to Tokyo by tonight. So we just went walking for awhile in the afternoon.
The wall features are still amazing. Food is amazing delicious as well. And I would definitely come back again with my bf.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


My little Pixie is always very timid and obedient when I'm not around. I don't really dote her. Of course I love her alots, but if she does something wrong, I would also punish her. But still, she behaves very differently when I'm around her. She will become very bossy and demanding.
So whenever my bf & I pick Donna & Pixie up. She will boss Donna around, bark at her, disturb my bf when he is driving. But when my bf picks them up without me, she will be very timid and obedient. Just sitting quietly and hope to see me soon.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Basil Growing Kit

It's all started from Clover growing kit. Unfortunately the Clover doesn't live to see it. Few weeks after I planted my Clover, my bf bought me another growing kit - Basil. When I unwrapped the package, it contains a small ceremic pot, soil pellet, basil seeds and instruction.

I follow the instruction, soak the soil pellet, drain the excess water and plant the basil seeds. Photo taken on 12 Sept 2013.
When the soil is dry, it will turn slightly lighter. Then I will water it. Very quickly basil seedlings are poping out everywhere! I guess the germination is almost 100%. Photo taken on 23 Sept 2013.
Due to overcrowding, alot of seedlings died. I didn't thin it too because I not sure how to go about it. I'm afraid end up I will thinning the stronger ones. So I just let them fight it out. End of the war, I left with 5 strong basil seedlings. As you can see, they just grow 2nd sets of leaves. Photo taken on 20 Nov.
On 6 Jan 2014, my basil seedlings have already grown their forth set of leaves. I was quite skeptical on guarantee growing kit. But I guess this Basil growing kit works. Not only the seeds germinate, the seedlings already grow to survive. Hopefully my 5 strong seedlings will grow to full adult plant eventually. Meanwhile, I already started on my Lavender growing kit.