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Monday, 10 December 2012

I have woke up unbelievably early last Sunday, at 9.30am! Normally I would wake up around 11am or 10.30am earliest! Am I getting old hence the lesser sleeping time? There is nothing to do, my favourite cartoon is still not on yet. So I lazed around for awhile before heading to the bathroom. After washing up, pop right back to my bed and switch on the TV. Power rangers, not interested. Some Chinese kid sitcom, not interested. Alright, Ellen Degeneres talk show.

There isn’t much interesting topics or guests. So I went to surf internet, and half listening to her show. When I heard about her favourite facebook apps, I gave it my full attention. Wetopia, an apps allows you to play while giving real helps to the unfortunate. This is pretty interesting and new to me. I been in the facebook for donkey years, but I’m not hardcore in the facebook apps. Reason I’m using Nokia E7, hence the apps available are very very limited. Anyway, I searched Wetopia in my facebook and start playing it.

Generally it is similar to Farmville or Cityville, you build houses, grow crops, earn “money”, gain experience and level up. This is the special part – You collect “Joys” (denote as hearts) and use it to help kids. You can choose which project you want to donate the “Joys” to. Wetopia will tabulate the percentage of “Joys” each day and donate their earning to the respective project.

I played for few days, doing the same thing over and over again. By which helping the kids to have a better life. Oh ya, another apps you can try is Joy Kingdom. It is similar to Wetopia. Just that you are helping animals instead of kids.

Joy Kingdom, you fight off the dark minions, plants crops, supply food to the animals gain experience, complete quests and open up new portals. In turn the animals will provide “Joy” to you. After collecting the “Joy”, you can spend it on the project you support.

Everyone loves to play facebook apps, even my mum. So why not play facebook apps that will helps children and animals? Definitely is a win win situation *smilez*
After few months of not recovering from my massive pimple outbreak, my mum step in for intervention! "Too many pimples on your face, how can you accept it? You are going to see my doctor!" Then off I went to see her doctor at Neuglow. My sister went there, and she insists that it is better than National Skin Center.

As my mum goes to Chinatown branch, so I just tag along with her when she went for her chemical peel. The environment is pretty modern and cozy. You have ample magazine (and there are the latest edition, not some few months old magazine), drinks and brochures (so you can see the latest technologies). While waiting for my turn, I browse thru the brochures and it really amazed me! Now there is "magical" light that you shone on your face, and you get face lift. You do some lazer-ing, your fats can be freeze or liquify. Next thing you know, your fats is gone! I was exclaiming these amazing news while reading, and my mum just turn to her head and roll eyes at me, and mumble "these are old news". Well, she is a regular! Which people would update themselves every now and then regarding aesthetics technology?

After waiting for 15mins, it is my turn to see the doctor. Basically he analysed my skin, understand my diets, environment, and anything that may cause the outbreak. So after analysing, he recommend extraction and blue ray on my face. Then he told me how many session I may need, the frequency between each session and the results i will be getting. Most importantly, how much? He quoted me $80 for each session. As what I practice from my mum, I told him what my mum asked me to and eventually he lower to $50 for each session! You see, my mum is a long time customer so I guess it helps alot for the bargaining.

First session the extraction is quite painful that I teared. The doctor keep apologising and consistently saying he will try to be gentle. But I really have low tolerance for pain. After that, 15mins of blue ray session for each of my poor red cheeks. What amazed me is that after shining the blue ray, my cheeks became less red by 90%! My doctor instructed me to stop using moisturer because the climate in Singapore is not suitable. Toner and sunscreen is sufficient to protect my skin. After I stop using my moisturer, my face turned very dry and more pimples erupted!

1 week later, there is still alot of pimples and my skin started to be very flaky. It is something like sun burnt but not painful. Went back to the doctor again for my weekly appointment, the extraction is EXTREMELY painful! My tears uncontrollably keep flowing and basically I think I cried the whole procedure. Beside wiping the blood or whatever residual the doctor extract off my face, she is also busy wiping my tears. I really have low tolerance for pain.

Subsequently, the flakes dropped off. The pimples died off. I have some pimples here and there, but alot of red marks on my face. The extraction is still very painful, but not as painful as previously. I guess the number of pimples help. Lesser pimples = lesser extraction. My colleagues and friends told me my face has greatly improved from the past few weeks,


So did I manage to cure my pimples? As you can see from the photo, most of it is the red marks with a few red pimples left. It is a great improvement. Imagine all the red marks is big bumps pimples previously. So I guess I still have to continue my blue ray treatment then need to get rid of the red marks.