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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Aquafarm: 2 weeks later...

It's been 2 weeks and we are ready to harvest our wheatgrass. As you can see from the photo, it has already grown to become 'weed' grass. super messy. my bf had bought some green apples to mixed with the wheatgrass. Can't really taste the wheatgrass though, hence it taste pretty good to me. And most importantly healthy, as it is organic wheatgrass.

As you can see what the 'hair cut', our wheatgrass looks much neater! and they are ready to grow again. I guess we give it another 2 more weeks. It will look like 'weed' grass again. Then we will harvest and have our yummy green apple cum wheatgrass drink

I also took some photos of our fishes and the new occupants - snails. They seems very happy mingling with each other. Prawns don't really care about the snails either, though they are sharing the same fake aquarium grass & moss ball. Everyone loves each other and we are a happy family =)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Joke of the Day

So I met up my buddy last week for lunch, and told him about how I being nag by my ex-colleagues. Being the 'wise' him, he quotes me an example to reassure me I'm at the right track...

*chio bus = pretty girls 

I burst out in laughter after listening to his example. Regardless my bf is quite affected by what my ex-colleagues said. Now every of our holiday, he makes sure he pay me 50% of the air tickets & hotels. And working harder to get a house of his own. I guess being the prideful him, every things commented by my family or even friends, will affect him.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Joke of the Day

As and when, my ex-colleagues and I will chat on our watsapp group chat. Filling each other with our daily lives. Their kids. My love life. Our jobs. How we wish we can kill our bosses. I not sure how it started, but somehow they narrow to my love life.

(Some background - my bf & I used to be colleagues. So my ex-colleagues know him too) They were surprized that we already official our relationship since there would be several people gossiping about it. And even surprized that he has moved to my place and we are getting serious, or rather we are pretty serious in our relationship. With all the baby plans, housing plans and all. So here comes the joke..

In case you are thinking that my bf are being stingy or sponging on me. It is not the case. He did buy a branded wallet for Valentine Day. But I'm not really an accessory person, and don't like to carry bag. So give me branded bags would be pretty useless. Although he didn't pay me rental (which I find a pretty weird concept and no idea how my ex-colleague have this mindset), he pays for our daily expenditures like groceries and our meals. Being with me, my saving increase a good 50%! With him taking care of me, after my increased saving, I able to spend more on my hobby like my recent rave - hydroponics / squaponics

I guess some girls can be pretty scary at times... And I'm really scared out of my wits then!

Skinny Pizza

I love Skinny Pizza because their pizza is not thick with flour. I prefer thin crusted pizza. And they are generous with their servings.

Last week, my bf & I decided to go to the Westgate branch. We have ordered 2 mushroom soup and my favourite Squid Ink pizza. To our surprise, the mushroom soup tasted differently from the PS branch. We didn't drink it and 3/4 of the soup left lying in the bowl. The waitress came to clear our soup and realized we didn't drink it. Hence she asked what is the problem. We told her that the soup is much watery and doesn't have much mushroom bits as compared to the PS branch. The kind waitress offered to change our soup to another - sweet corn soup. My bf & I decided to give it another try. Sadly, the sweet corn soup is a failure as well.

End of the meal, we are impressed by her service. Because not everyone would notice why we left 3/4 soup in the bowl and even bother to ask us about it. Thumb up for her service and we definitely going back again. Though we will not order their soups anymore.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Little Veggie Farm

My 2 weeks cai xin seedlings have been growing well (I guess) Much better than the ones I try to grow via hydroponics. Maybe traditional method is still more suitable?
1 week old wheatgrass also doing fine. 1 more week before I'm able to harvest it to make wheatgrass drink for my bf. Hopefully he will like the taste because I definitely won't be making any for myself!
The seedlings for cucumber & tomato also have sprout, and this Sunday, they would be 1 week old. I guess I will proceed to put cucumber seedlings into my DIY hydroponics system first. Tomato seedlings would need another week I guess.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Joke of the Day

Everyday my bf will bring me to work and fetch me home from work. Once or twice per week, he will bring me to lunch if his work isn't busy. If I OT, he will wait for me at my office. And if it gets too late, he will call and ask me whether am I hungry. He will go and buy some snacks for my colleagues and me. Then continue to wait for me to end work. Even I need to go my 3PL warehouse at Jurong Island, my bf would also drive all the way there and wait for me. Drive out to buy food for me, if needed, and continue to wait for me.

Once we had a department dinner, I thought the dinner would end at 8.30pm since we start at 6.30pm. My bf waited for me at the hotel lobby for 1.5hr because the dinner ends at 10pm. So everyone in my department know my bf dotes on me alot.
Yesterday I was waiting in my office, for his sales meeting to end.... And the story begins..

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Aqaufarm - Day 6

Today is the day 6 after planting the wheatgrass. And I'm very happy in their growth. But I guess still need to wait for a week before able to harvest it. The new pump continue to work fine, and my fishes are happily swimming in the tank. As you can see, my bf bought a plastic plant to decorate the tank as he said that it is too empty. Our 3 shrimps migrate from the moss ball to the plastic plant, and I hardly see them anymore.
Over the weekend, I have also started to germinate snow pea, cucumber and tomato seeds. For the snow pea, I have put in ziplock bag and wrapped with damp cotton wool & kitchen paper. For the cucumber & tomato, I have plant it at one of my unused hamster cage. As you can, the cucumber seeds have already germinated. But still no news for my tomato seeds =(

Monday, 3 March 2014

Aquafarm - Day 3

It is the third day of using Aquafarm. My newly air pump is doing well. My wheatgrass is growing pretty fast and strong. The roots has grown out off the net pots too. Hopefully by next week I will be able to havest the wheatgrass.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


My Aquafarm finally arrived to Singapore! Have been waiting for a month to receive this. My DIY hydroponics set isn't doing to well. But most likely due to the seedlings aren't in good condition and I didn't add air pump to it. Anyway, hopefully I can learn more with Aquafarm.
When I opened up the box, there is a brief introduction about the concept of Aquafarm at the inner box. You can see there is 3 gallon tank, net pots, chemicals, piping, gravels, grow stones, fish food & some seeds. I got 3 wheatgrass & a basil. The instruction manual is very easy to understand and we are able to set it up very quickly.

I have 6 tropical fishes & 3 shrimps for the tank. It is still quite spacious even though the advice is just 1 betta fish. But later I would buy some plastic plants to decorate the tank. We are soaking the wheatgrass overnight. Everything is working fine. The setup is running, my fishes are happy. Then suddenly the pump stopped working. It is just one hour after the whole setup is working!
Lucky I have a spare pump which I have bought earlier for my DIY hydroponics set. But the spare pump is too powerful for Aquafarm. The water keep on spilling out from the net pot. Next day, my bf went to buy another air pump with lower power. Now the Aquafarm is working fine. I expect better quality since it's all made in USA, but still the quality is like from China.
Next morning, I have planted my wheatgrass and now all we have to do is wait.