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Monday 3 March 2014

Aquafarm - Day 3

It is the third day of using Aquafarm. My newly air pump is doing well. My wheatgrass is growing pretty fast and strong. The roots has grown out off the net pots too. Hopefully by next week I will be able to havest the wheatgrass.

Sunday 2 March 2014


My Aquafarm finally arrived to Singapore! Have been waiting for a month to receive this. My DIY hydroponics set isn't doing to well. But most likely due to the seedlings aren't in good condition and I didn't add air pump to it. Anyway, hopefully I can learn more with Aquafarm.
When I opened up the box, there is a brief introduction about the concept of Aquafarm at the inner box. You can see there is 3 gallon tank, net pots, chemicals, piping, gravels, grow stones, fish food & some seeds. I got 3 wheatgrass & a basil. The instruction manual is very easy to understand and we are able to set it up very quickly.

I have 6 tropical fishes & 3 shrimps for the tank. It is still quite spacious even though the advice is just 1 betta fish. But later I would buy some plastic plants to decorate the tank. We are soaking the wheatgrass overnight. Everything is working fine. The setup is running, my fishes are happy. Then suddenly the pump stopped working. It is just one hour after the whole setup is working!
Lucky I have a spare pump which I have bought earlier for my DIY hydroponics set. But the spare pump is too powerful for Aquafarm. The water keep on spilling out from the net pot. Next day, my bf went to buy another air pump with lower power. Now the Aquafarm is working fine. I expect better quality since it's all made in USA, but still the quality is like from China.
Next morning, I have planted my wheatgrass and now all we have to do is wait.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

First month using OPK

This's our 3rd month trying for a baby and we have bought OPK to catch my ovulation period. As I mention earlier in my blog, I have been taking birth pill and I'm not sure whether my ovulation has began yet. I didn't want my bf to get disappointed especially if my ovulation hasn't began yet.
Sadly I didn't capture any LH surge at all. I do have some days which has testing line appeared. But the line is not darker than the control lines. 2 days ago, I start having spotting. I guess AF is coming, and I will try again next month *HAIZ*

Monday 24 February 2014

Lunch at Old Street Bak Tuk Teh at Westgate

After trying Sushi Express, my bf & I decided to try Old Street Bak Tuk Teh just beside Sushi Express. Heard from my colleague that the shop is kinda famous, so I have high expectation for it.
When we went in, we are waving around for someone to attend to us. But no one even bothers about us *SERIOUSLY* So my bf walked up to one of the waitress to ask them take order for us. Surprisely, the waitress asked all orders are taken using Ipad which is stored at the table's drawers! At least inform us when we came into the shop, don't just ignore us. Not alot of shops are as high tech as you *roll eyes*.
I patiently click here and there using Ipad. It is very user friendly and I doubts anyone would have trouble using it. After 15mins or so, our food is served!
The soup is quite yummp. But the ribs are kinda disappointing. The meat is rather dry & stick to the bone. The pig trotter is too fatty for my liking as I prefer leaner ones.
Total bill cost us SGD49.90! Which is kinda expensive. If we have ordered the same food at our favourite Bak Tuk Teh @ Lakeside hawker centre, it would costs us around $20. And lakeside hawker centre is tastier than this.
Most likely I would not be coming back.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Cai Xin seedlings

I have started on my hydroponics project last month. Grow some cai xin seeds on soil before transplanting it to my hydroponics system. I choose cai xin because it suppose to be easy to grow & short harvest time (about 1 month).

Below photo is taken on 29 Jan, you can see the seedlings is quite small even though is already 2 weeks old. Currently my 3 weeks old seedlings are taller but the size is still the same. I definitely cannot harvest it within a month =(

Nevertheless I will transplant these seedlings into my hydroponics system and hopefully it can grow into adult cai xin for harvest.

Below is my lavender seedlings which I have planted in December. It didn't died which is a surprise to me. Hopefully it will eventually grow into an adult lavender plant *pray* But I guess I couldn't give it to my bf on his birthday, which falls in March.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Vday card

As Valentine Day is approaching, I decided to do a Valentine card for my Oppa. While my bf is busying gaming GTA5, I went to my table and start my scrapbooking project. After 20mins, I have completed the card for my Oppa (right hand side). Happiness tagged to wish him to find his happiness soon.
After completed my Oppa card, I decided to do one for my bf too. What I hate most is tying ribbon. I always find it as the most difficult craft (beside cutting & trimming papers of course). I still thinking what to write in the card for my bf though... hmmm, waiting for my muse to come...

Saturday 8 February 2014

Cat cafe in Hongdae - Cats Living

My bf is a cat lover. Not that he hates dogs, he just prefer cat (so much more). Hence I make it a point to visit a cat cafe when we are at Seoul. I guess cat cafe is very common in Seoul, we were just wandering around and bump into one - Cats Living. When we reached there, there isn't any people. We just peek into the glass door, the cats are already 'standby' to welcome us. The 'entrance' fee is won8000 and comes with a free drink. As compared to cat cafe in Singapore, it is really cheap.
We have to remove our shoes & sanitize our hands before entering the cafe. The money loving cat is the first cat who greeted us. He keep sniffing and biting the wons when I flashed it to him.
I not sure what happen to the below cat. He was greeting us but when the owner came out to greet us, then return back to the kitchen to make our drinks. He jumped and hang onto the window grills. I "plucked" him out and put him on the floor. But he jumped and cling to the window grills again!
Below is my favourite cat. Look at his innocent looking face! So adorable right! *melts* I think he is long haired scottish fold. Super duper shy but very curious. He was looking thru the window grills at us. When I took his photo, he is frightened by the "click" sound and stay a distance away from the window grill.
Below are the cats they have in the cafe. As compared to Singapore cat cafe, Cats Living has alot of different breeds of cats. Hopefully one day Singapore cat cafe can have the same standard. In terms of the breeds of cats, and the pricing of the 'entrance' fee as well.