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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

REVIEW: Eggs & Berries

This is one of my bf's favourite hangout for breakfast. The atmosphere is nice and cozy. There is not much crowd and serve my bf's all time favourite. As Christmas is coming, the staffs have decorated the cafe in Christmas theme.

For me, I'm not really a big fan for egg. But I'm definitely a big fan for steak. So I have ordered steak and egg for myself. Comes with 3 pancakes :) The steak can't be compared with those steak house like Morton's. But it definitely taste delicious. As for my bf, he ordered his favourite - Egg Benedict. The 2 egg suppose to be on the ham, but I accidentally push the table. So one of the egg slipped down the ham. Now it seems like crying face instead of sunny face.
And last of all, my bf definitely will ordered coffee for his "dessert". I guess he is pretty full that day because he will order coffee and banana crepe.

Eggs & Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-37/38 Changi City Point
Singapore 486038

Monday, 25 November 2013

Friends in Fur Petshop / Groomer

I'm gonna share my experience on friends in fur petshop...
Previously I mentioned that the petshop forgot my appt and I went to Groupon to cancel the voucher.. End up I inform wrong voucher to Groupon and my voucher was not cancelled. .So I decide to give them another try... I guess it's really mistake.. Not everyone deserve a 2nd chance... When I went in, there are 2 pretty pissed customers (I not sure why though).. I was in mental shock because the shop stink like shit..Why? Because there are shits in the shop and no one cleared them.. There are dogs caged in rust metal cage, and seriously i not sure how sane are the dogs.. One of them keep howling, another one keep spinning in circle, another old one saw I looked at him/her, he/she small howls at me (machiam like pleading me to save him/her)..
"GREAT"! so I rang the bell and a lady come out.. I told her my appt time and she give me a lost look. Nevertheless she asked me how Pixie wants to be groom and stuffs. After giving her the instruction, I asked her whether is her shop condition is always this bad? She give me a shy smile and told me not really. I HOPE SO! After that, I asked her what time Pixie will be ready for collection. And she told me 6pm, which is around 3hrs later.
3hrs later, my partner went to collect Pixie. They gave the wrong toy poddle to my partner. When my partner told her, the dog is not Pixie, she just point to another toy poddle which is Pixie. Hello?! They don't even know which dog is whose?! *FAINT* Ok, the bad news is they havent even start grooming her yet! There is matt at Pixie's fur so they have to shave shorter. They said they have send us a msg but we didn't receive. AND THEY CANNOT CALL AT ALL! Just like they missed my appt, they refused to pick up any calls! Our guess is they msg the wrong person like they mistaken another dog as Pixie. If they bother to call, they would know is the wrong owner. Anyway, they told my partner Pixie would be ready in another 45mins.
Another hr later, my partner went to collect her. Everything is done as expected. Pixie is not shivering (she always shivers when in grooming), she just froze one side (the groomer leash her in a corner). When my partner picks her up, she just froze. My partner expects her keep on whining & shivering (as per previous experience with our usual groomer) but he just brought her back. Lucky when she reached home, she is jumping & hopping when she sees me.

I'm definitely never going back again...
Friends in Fur
Jurong West Avenue 1 
P.S: The shop looks much neater without the angry customers & shits around

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Once a week or fortnight, my bf and I will dine at Fish Mart SAKURAYA at West Coast Plaza. It's definitely one of our favourite Japanese restaurant as the food generally is fresh & reasonable priced. According to my colleague, the restaurant will replenish their stock on Monday & Thursday. So I guess these 2 days will be the freshest.

Sometimes you also get to see "rare" sashimi there, like tara shirako (aka fish sperm). We not sure how it tastes like as we are not that adventurous. But our favourite definitely is blue fin tuna. We knew that it is endangered species due to over-fishing. Mainly the demand comes from Japan which is around 80%. Remaining 20% of the demand comes from rest of the world. So my bf & I psycho ourselves we belong to the 20% and Japan should reduce their intake instead. *haha*

The texture & taste of the meat is very yummy! The texture is firm like tuna or swordfish, but do not have the metallic as normal tuna.

Once in a moon blue, they will display our sashimi in a proper and nice way. So I took a photo after so many visits there. Bluefin tuna, swordfish & salmon are our basic order. We will order some sides like tobikko sushi. Usually I will order hana maki & chawanmushi. But personally I find Fish Market version is not that nice, so I will always omit these when dining there.

For people who loves fresh & reasonable priced sashimi, you would already know this restaurant. If not, please faster try it!

Fish Mart Sakuraya (West Coast Plaza)
#B1-50/51/52, West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road

Monday, 18 November 2013

Recently there is a rave for Rainbow Cake, so I decide to try baking. I decide to choose Becky Crocker version as it seems pretty straight forward.
First I re-shuffle the schedule for the recipe. I took out the shortening and butter to thaw first. Next I mixed first box of Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® vanilla cake mix with 3 colors. After I put the first batch of 3 colors into the oven, I worked on the second Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® vanilla cake mix with the next 3 colors. Hence I saved about 20mins and need not put 1 batch into the refrigerator.
I do not know how to apply frosting and the sugars so I asked my bf to help me. I guess he did a better job than me. After some cleaning up, the cake does look kinda cute. But definitely room for improvement for the decoration. Perhaps I need to sign up course for cake decoration with my bf.
My bf definitely cannot finish the cake within a week and I don't think cake can last that long. So I gave some to my lil brother and colleague. Next try will be rainbow cupcakes so that I need not decorate the cake with so much frosting!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Typhoon Haiyan has destroyed alot of homes. If you can donate anything, blankets, food or water, please kindly help.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blogger asks for free haircut -- and threatens to damage shop's reputation when rejected

A blogger approached a hair salon in VivoCity for a hairdo sponsorship, then threatened to damage the shop's reputation when she did not receive a response.
The owner of the salon had posted about the incident on facebook, which STOMPers AMDK and babyjack sent in screenshots of. According to the posting, the blogger had asked for a free haircut at the salon, in return for publicity on her blog. However, her request for the sponsorship was rejected. This led the blogger to submit a counter-proposal, along with her blog traffic statistics. When she did not receive a reply, she sent the shop owner another email.
In this email, she called the shop owner 'rude' and gave him 24 hours to acknowledge her email or she might 'blog about him and damage the reputation of the hair salon'.
Netizens have responded to the employee's posting, with many commenting on how rude and self-entitled the blogger sounds. One also said, "People like her give bloggers a bad name," while AMDK asked if this is the "new generation of bloggers".


I was quite surprized when I read this article. Normally I thought companies would write to bloggers whether they want to try out their products/ services & hopefully the bloggers would write good reviews. This is the first time I seen blogger (Janice Toh or Janice Leong) demanding for a service.
Although the blogger claims that her website - is hacked so she has closed it down and the email is not sent by her. I highly doubt so.

Previously I seen Stacy (from Drop Dead Diva) wrote fake good reviews of the free products that she received from companies. In the end affected herself because the viewers who believe her blog, bought & try the failed product became disappointed in the products & Stacy too. But I guess Janice Toh / Leong makes the whole blogger thingy a whole new level.

Monday, 11 November 2013

On her way to the groomer... Pixie knew it and she hates grooming.. Actual she hates leaving me, and especially hate it when she has to stay for a while with strangers.. But then I guess is her lucky day!
I made a booking for Pixie at 12pm. I reached Friends in Fur at 11.45pm and found out the shop is not opened. So I sent 3 msg and made 2 calls to them. At 12.05pm, I realized a msg from them that they can only reach the shop at 1pm! *Faint* If they really cannot make it, at least inform me 1hr before my appointment! Seriously make a waste trip there. Lucky is just nearby my house.
Nevertheless, they offered to give me free spa and grooming for Pixie. But they can't even remember they have an appointment and do not have basic responsibility towards their customers. I don't think I can leave my baby with them. I have request for Groupon to refund me, and hopefully I can get my refund asap.
And of course Pixie get the rest of the day lazing around my bed.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Online survey

Alot of people are interested in earning money online but skeptical when comes to doing online surveys. Will their data be distributed? Will they really get paid?

I have joined AIP and My Survery some time ago, and recently actively doing their survey. Guess what? I gotten my first paid out! The payout for AIP is faster, within the same month of redemption, you will get it. As for My Surveys, I waited for 3months before I receive my reward.

For those interested parties, please give your email address so that I can refer you. Both of us will get rewards for it! For AIP, we will receive bonus points of 25 EPoints for myself and 15 EPoints for you!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Photo Frame - Cherating trip

I bought Kaisercraft - Bracket Frame few weeks back and decided to use it for my Cherating project. First I bought Arylic black paint from Daiso which cost me only SGD2 and paint the wooden frame to block color. Then I paste one of the yellow paper in the Kaisercraft - Botanical Odyssey Paper Pad 6.5"X6.5" . And I cut out the frame opening on Botanical Odyssey Die-Cut Spot Varnish Paper 12"X12"-Lattice and paste onto the frame. I painted Wood Flourishes-Antique Corners 4/Pkg with black arylic paint and spray gold glitter on it.
I found the baby sea turtles photo which we took at Cherating and cut them out. I painted Kaisercraft Wood Flourishes: Frames in Martha Stewart 32214 0.75-Ounce Liquid Gilding, Gold. Once dried, I paste them just beside my photo and add in my cute little baby sea turtles. And also add in "Cherating" alphabets.
Next I painted Kaisercraft - Flourish Packs - Love and Cherish  and Wood Flourishes Words-You & Me in black and sprayed gold glitters once dried. One paste on the top, another paste at the bottom. Now I will work on the bottom left hand of my frame.
I plan to use Kaisercraft Wood Flourishes, Vines ,Kaisercraft - Botanical Odyssey Collectables Cardstock Die-Cuts and some paper flowers from Paper Market. First I painted the wood vines with the glossy glue. Then I cut out some butterflies from the cardstock. Next I just paste the bit and pieces together to make it like butterflies flying around the vine & flowers.
After completing my project, I find that there is an area which is rather empty. The space above the turtles' frame. So I decided to paste a cardstock butterfly onto it. I used a butterfly with similar coloring as the yellow background so that the butterfly seems to be in the background. I still want the focus to be the sea turtles.
VoilĂ ! My finished project!