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Monday, 13 August 2012

Was chatting with my colleagues over lunch and we were talking about what we did over the weekend. The weather is getting scorching hot, and I seldom switch on my living room air con, so I have dizzy spells even though I switch on the fan. Since I have dizzy spells, I don’t have mood to do anything. Everything seems to be either spinning or floating, and I was nausea whenever I tried to do something. So I slept the whole day. My colleagues broke into laughter. “the last thing you should do when you are dizzy is sleep!” that was they said. But seriously I cannot do anything!!! One of my colleague tried to be funny, and asked me whether my dogs disrupt my sleep since they will be bored. I answered her truthfully that my dogs also slept thru the day because is too fucking hot to even move a tiny weeny bit! She almost fainted…haha…

But I did achieve something over the week. I have 2 wins over my trades. GBP/USD +2pips (Should be +30pips, but I didn’t close the trade before some big news) and EUR/USD +60pips (YEAH! CLAPS!!) I still recovering from my previous loss and doesn’t have the guts to up the number of lots. So I guess I set myself a leveling up system like all the games I have playing.

Currently, I’m still trading mini lots – 0.2
5 straight wins, I will up to 0.5
10 straight wins, I will up to 0.75
Another 10 straight wins, I will up to 1

My friend told me is mission impossible, and I always be trading mini lots. But as long as is not a lose trade, even it is just +1pip, it is consider a winning trade. My friend remarked “+1pip! You can’t even buy anything with that.” True, but at least I know how to move my stop loss gradually and protect my principle. To me, I don’t expect to earn big buck from forex. As long as my account increase gradually, I would be very very happy girl =) I believe as long as I don’t make losses, protect my principle, set logical risk/profit ratio, my goal would be achievable!

And what else I done over the week? Oh ya, I completed Max Payne 3! Is pretty lame I find. Most of the people died (and he suppose to protect them!) But at least the villain died in the end! And plus point for that! I absolutely love happy ending. I do find the lock aim CMI. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And I will have a hard time aiming at the target. Love the ending theme song – Tears by Health. Perfect fit for Max Payne!

Let’s see about my plans this week… Hopefully I can get at least 1 win (without any loss) this week.. Need to work on my fundamental analysis because I still sux at it! Weekend will continue gaming – Kingdom of Amalur. Just when I completed Skyrim last month, now is another long RPG game!!! AARRRRGGHHHHH

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