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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

on tuesday i sold AUDUSD @ 1.0246 (using my usual strategy). i should have take profit @ 1.0617 but i believe the downtrend is still not over yet. so i shift my SL to 1.02 and also enter 2nd position at 1.087 with 30pips SL. sadly, last night SL for my 1st position is triggered, and more sadly, the unemployment rate cause AUDUSD to rise and SL for my 2nd position is trigger. now i'm at breakeven =(

now i looking for another opportunity to short AUDUSD as i strongly feel that AUDUSD is still heading south. using fibonacci retracement, it seems that it has reached 38.2% level. however there is no crossover in my stochastic chart and is still heading up. RSI still havent reach overbought yet. i guess i will continue camping until there is crossover. Or perhaps i should head over to 15min time frame and wait for EMA 5 to cross over EMA10 instead?

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