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Monday, 10 December 2012

I have woke up unbelievably early last Sunday, at 9.30am! Normally I would wake up around 11am or 10.30am earliest! Am I getting old hence the lesser sleeping time? There is nothing to do, my favourite cartoon is still not on yet. So I lazed around for awhile before heading to the bathroom. After washing up, pop right back to my bed and switch on the TV. Power rangers, not interested. Some Chinese kid sitcom, not interested. Alright, Ellen Degeneres talk show.

There isn’t much interesting topics or guests. So I went to surf internet, and half listening to her show. When I heard about her favourite facebook apps, I gave it my full attention. Wetopia, an apps allows you to play while giving real helps to the unfortunate. This is pretty interesting and new to me. I been in the facebook for donkey years, but I’m not hardcore in the facebook apps. Reason I’m using Nokia E7, hence the apps available are very very limited. Anyway, I searched Wetopia in my facebook and start playing it.

Generally it is similar to Farmville or Cityville, you build houses, grow crops, earn “money”, gain experience and level up. This is the special part – You collect “Joys” (denote as hearts) and use it to help kids. You can choose which project you want to donate the “Joys” to. Wetopia will tabulate the percentage of “Joys” each day and donate their earning to the respective project.

I played for few days, doing the same thing over and over again. By which helping the kids to have a better life. Oh ya, another apps you can try is Joy Kingdom. It is similar to Wetopia. Just that you are helping animals instead of kids.

Joy Kingdom, you fight off the dark minions, plants crops, supply food to the animals gain experience, complete quests and open up new portals. In turn the animals will provide “Joy” to you. After collecting the “Joy”, you can spend it on the project you support.

Everyone loves to play facebook apps, even my mum. So why not play facebook apps that will helps children and animals? Definitely is a win win situation *smilez*

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