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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

REVIEW: Impiana Resort Cherating

From Singapore to Cherating takes about 8 hours car ride. When we finally reach our resort, the wearther is raining heavily. Road is dark as there is very limited lighting. My SO drove at a speed of turtle and suddenly he stops the car. We saw something blocking our way. As it is pouring quite heavily, we squirt our eyes to see a monitor lizard blocking our way! My SO had high beam him several times but he just turned and looked at us. Since he is not moving, I mind as well take the chance to take photo. *haha*
I want to take a clearer photo so I opened my door despite of the rain. But once my door opened, the monitor lizard quickly zapped into the forest! *tsk* So we continue on the way to the resort.
When we enter the resort, this is the activity I want to do! Turtle watching and see mother turtle lay eggs! But is kinda expensive though. Previously I read online, for watching turtle lay egg is free. Because the mother turtle will swim up to the beachside and lay the eggs. Since the beach is public areas, there is no entrace fee or any national park fee. I guess RM60 is purely for the guide and van. Hopefully they will donate at least 50% of the money to the turtle sanctuary.
The check in is very fast, less than 10mins. The customer service has already print out and filed the customer documents together with the room key. Once they verified your passport, they will issued the room keys to you and briefly introduce the facilities they have. However their english language is quite weak as compare to JB & KL. So you already have to be patient.
Below are some of the photos taken at the entrance of the resort.
Below is the dining area. Food selection is quite limited and not to my liking. The waiter & waitress also don't speak proper english. So you have to guess what they are trying to say between the english and malay mix of sentences.  
Below is their mini store. The hut is pretty cute. They sells some snacks, drinks and souveniors for visitors to buy. Price is definitely more expensive than the usual.
At last my room! I have requested for a king size bed, but was given 2 double size bed. It's quite a turn off as either my SO or I will stuck at the center gap in the middle of the night. I love the room, all woody and rustic. Definitely my type of room especially with the wooden poster bed. The room is very spacious, with a living room with TV, sofa, coffee table, study table, chair and fridge. Beside the 2 double bed, there is a day bed as well. Totally my SO's favourite! We can just laze at the day bed reading or just snoozing our time away.
The view isn't that fantastic though. Anyway my expectation wasn't that high as it is quite a remote beach in Malaysia. At least there is no rubbish lying around.
The bathroom is also very spacious, which is very good. However I would prefer both shower and bath tub seperated in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is so spacious, I not sure why they combine both shower and bath tub together. The major turn off is the plug of the bath tub is not working despite the technician tried to repair it. So when my SO & I want to soak in the bath tub, we took a plastic bag and the plug from the basin to choke the hole in the bath tub. Another con is the towels given to us is kinda yellowish. I guess they didn't change the towel even they turn yellow. But I guess the towels are clean *cross fingers*

Hotel Name:Impiana Resort Cherating
Address:Km 32 Jalan Kuantan/Kemaman
Area / City / Country:Kampung Baharu Cherating/Cherating/Malaysia
Room Charge for 4D3N:USD 386.60

Personally I find the room price is abit steep. If they can improved on the food selection and the quality of the food. Provide more reasonable pricing of activities. Fixed up their private beach to be more serene and beauitful. Give me the king size bed I asked for. Have a seperate shower and bath tub (which is not spolit). I would find the price reasonable and will go back there again.

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