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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mount fuji

Mt Fuji is a MUST visit if you go to Tokyo. Although we miss our meeting time due to some misunderstanding. The tour agency re-book our tour for next day. I guess it is blessing in disguise, because the next day is a wonderful clear day.
According to the tour guide, it is only 10% chance that we are able to see mt fuji clearly due to the clouds & fog. Hence she keeps on saying we are very lucky.
Below is the photos that I took on the way to the mount fuji information centre. This is very near to the amusement park which I also want to go. Hopefully my bf would accompany me because he doesn't really like rides.

When we reach the information centre, we only have 15mins rest time before our bus head to the mount fuji 5th station. My family and I quickly took some photos and head to the restrooms.
When we reached the 5th station, everywhere is covered with ice. The funny part is ice cream at the ice cream palor is out of stock! We only have 30mins to take photo and look at the beautiful scenery. I hope we have more time so that I can try the food at the restaurant and browse the souvenir store. I told my bf my regrets, and he said that he will definitely come here with me. I love my bf so much!

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