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Sunday, 2 March 2014


My Aquafarm finally arrived to Singapore! Have been waiting for a month to receive this. My DIY hydroponics set isn't doing to well. But most likely due to the seedlings aren't in good condition and I didn't add air pump to it. Anyway, hopefully I can learn more with Aquafarm.
When I opened up the box, there is a brief introduction about the concept of Aquafarm at the inner box. You can see there is 3 gallon tank, net pots, chemicals, piping, gravels, grow stones, fish food & some seeds. I got 3 wheatgrass & a basil. The instruction manual is very easy to understand and we are able to set it up very quickly.

I have 6 tropical fishes & 3 shrimps for the tank. It is still quite spacious even though the advice is just 1 betta fish. But later I would buy some plastic plants to decorate the tank. We are soaking the wheatgrass overnight. Everything is working fine. The setup is running, my fishes are happy. Then suddenly the pump stopped working. It is just one hour after the whole setup is working!
Lucky I have a spare pump which I have bought earlier for my DIY hydroponics set. But the spare pump is too powerful for Aquafarm. The water keep on spilling out from the net pot. Next day, my bf went to buy another air pump with lower power. Now the Aquafarm is working fine. I expect better quality since it's all made in USA, but still the quality is like from China.
Next morning, I have planted my wheatgrass and now all we have to do is wait.

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