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Friday, 25 April 2014

REVIEW: Mara River Safari Lodge | African Themed Bali Resort

As this is my bf's birthday trip, I want to plan something special. Something that he hasn't done it before. Google around I found Mara River Safari Lodge. I guess is pretty interesting to have wild animals as your neighbours.

I book the Twiga suite which cost about SGD230 per night. Personally I find it quite expensive but I guess we are paying for the experience. Lucky the room is exactly same as the photos shown in Agoda and our balcony is directly above the safari! My bf absolutely love the room! The resort also provide some carrots & fruits to feed the safari. Actually is not really feed, you have to throw it across from the balcony.

We spend the whole day loitering in our room. My bf enjoy throwing fruits to feed the Rhinos and Zebras. In the night time, we went to the resort restaurant for dinner. The lions are only one panel of glass away from our dining table! The food is great and reasonably priced.

Next day we went to the safari park. It's not that big so about 2hours or less, we have completed the tour. We loitered in our room again. After dinner time, we went for the night safari trip. It is a total new experience. I guess my bf enjoyed it much more than me, especially the part when the tiger jumped onto our truck. The tiger's saliva dripped onto us while the keeper fed meat to him. My bf touched the tiger's belly and paws. It is once in a life time experience for him

The resort is definitely a MUST to stay, but 3D2N is more than sufficient. The reason is the resort is quite remote, the safari park is quite small, and if you are not driving, basically you are trapped in the resort. The swimming pool of the resort is very tiny. Just stay for the experience and that's about it

*Photo taken from my balcony using my HP. The animals are REALLY very near the balcony. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

REVIEW: Novotel Bali Nusa Dua

I wasn't intend to book this at the first place. The beach is not next to the resort for starter. However I received an email from Accor, and the private sales the room is only SGD350 for 5D4N! SGD87.50 per night definitely is a good deal, so I just book it.

The room definitely is big. The size of the bathroom is the same size as the bedroom. Furthermore there is huge wooden window which can be open in the bathroom, so that you can watch TV while soaking in the bath tub. *thumb up*

The resort itself is quite nice too. However the private beach is kinda disappointing. It is really small! Although there is a small cafe and activity booth, my bf & I just stayed for 15mins before going back to the hotel. The reason we stayed for 15mins because we are waiting for the bus to pick us up.

Beside the bus to the 'private' beach, the resort also cater bus to the nearby shopping area - Bali Collection. Actually is not really cater by the resort, it is share among with the rest of the resort in Nusa Dua. However Novotel is the 2nd stop so you definitely can grab a seat in the bus. Once reach Bali Collection, there are several restaurants for you to choose. Supermarket for you to grab some grocery and Starbucks too!

Even for the cheap price, most probably I won't be staying there again. The private beach is not really nice, that's definitely a deal breaker.