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Monday, 14 July 2014

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Last week I went for my second visit to TCM Physician Tan Siew Buoy @ NTU. My appointment was 2pm and at 2.30pm, we are still waiting at the reception area. As my bf need to go back to work, we asked the receptionist to inform Dr Tan that we are already waiting for 30mins. Within few minutes, the receptionist called the couple queuing in front of us to go into the room. Finally another 30mins, it is our turn.

First Dr Tan go through the chart which she asked us to plot on our previous appointment. Unfortuntately we forgot to bring the chart, but lucky my hp has ovulation apps that I been using all the while. Hence the data is still available for Dr Tan to review.
Although I gotten a smiley face (Clearblue Advanced Ovulation kit) on CD14, the apps and Dr Tan determined my actual ovulation is on CD17. Since my bf & I only baby danced on CD14, there is a possibility that we have missed the window. Dr Tan also told us (again) that we need to baby dance alternate day after I got a smiley face from Clearblue Advanced Ovulation kit. For example we get a smiley face on CD14, we need to baby dance on CD14, 15 & 17 to be safe. Oh well, I guess we have to try again next month.
After going thru the same set of questions about my health and menses, and feeling my pulse. Then my bf's turn. Dr Tan prescribed another set of powered herbs for my bf & I to drink. And we will see her again in another month.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I was waiting for my bf to be home, so I decide to take out my tarot cards and seek their advice for my pregnancy. I was always been accurate in tarot card reading so I able to gauge what to expect. The result wasn't that good though.

For the past, I got an upright hierophant & invert devil. *Accurate*
For the present, I got invert fool, invert empress & invert temperance *Sadly accurate*
For the future, I got upright world & upright high priestess *yeah! hopefully accurate!*

I do not want to talk much about the past. So I will start from the present. Getting invert fool as influence describe that I taking a path out of the norms and something that I never plan before. Before I met my bf, I never have the intention of having a kid. But because my bf wants a family, so I decided to have a kid of our own. Traditionally people get married before having a kid, and I'm doing it reversely. It's not totally bad as long as I get myself prepared for the journey. Getting the invert empress as obstacle really sadden as it means infertility. Which is true as my bf & I been trying for 6months. Getting invert temperance as present outlook is imbalance and this cause stress & tension in my life. I'm maybe acting impatiently or refusing to take the moderate, gentle approach. I guess it's true at an extend. I wasn't expecting that I can't get pregnant within 6 months. I guess same goes with my bf. Hence we are visiting TCM, tracking the data and even using ovulation kit.

For the future, I glad it all good news. I got world for future influence means completion, achievement and fulfilment. And hopefully the birth of my new child! *Pray* High priestess for future outlook, I can't really determine what my tarot card want to say. My future definitely is changing. Having a baby definitely turn my life upside down, as in I need to re-focus alot of things. So is the card telling me to trust my intuition in future?

So I guess I won't be pregnant in this year... Hopefully the next year? *Cross fingers*

P.S: My clearblue got non-blinking smiley face today!