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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review: Carlson Labs Salmon Oil

I have adopted Lily the Persian cat from Cat Welfare Society few months ago. And she had just recover from mite. Which means her coat is cut short and her skin is quite dry. So I bought a bottle of salmon oil for her. However she keep noticing that I been throwing the salmon capsule to my dogs. She starts to snatch the capsules from them!
My dogs have been taking Carlson Labs, Salmon Oil, 1000 mg since June. They absolutely love it. Just throw it to them and they eat it like a treat. Some dogs that I have pet board also need to take salmon oil, but I'm not sure about the brands which the owner bought. But the dogs don't seem to like it, and I always need to soften the capsule in warm water, mixed with their food so they can take it. Once I drop Carlson Labs Salmon Oil, surprizely the dogs took it like a treat. I assume that they see my dogs are snatching it like treats so they think is something good? Hence snatch it before it's gone?
Anyway those who giving their pets salmon oil can consider taking Carlson Labs Salmon Oil. First, it is good for your pets, especially for the heart and skin (or fur). My friends always praise my dogs' coat are very lustrous and taking salmon oil is the secret. Second, the price is totally reasonable. 180 + 50 capsules for USD19.44! It's definitely a steal. Lastly, it is also a healthy treat for your pets. They're getting healthier & prettier so the delicious treat they take.
I get my salmon oil from Iherb directly. You can use the discount code PLF707 to get free shipping & USD10 off!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Alot of Singaporean loves staycation. For me, I seldom do that because Singapore hotel is quite expensive. With the price, I can take a ferry to Batam or Bintan. But with Airbnb, you can stay at a lower price but the quality maybe better than hotel.
Below are some of the nice places I chance upon:-
1) A sunny place in Orchard which cost you SGD118 per night
2) A private villa with pool which cost you SGD320 per night
3) A quaint resort room in the greenies which cost you SGD102 per night
4) Super cozy room in CBD area which cost you SGD429 per night

Monday, 22 September 2014

REVIEW: Nature's Way, EfaGold, Flax Oil, 1000 mg, 100 Softgels

I have been having pimples issue for very very long time. I don't have pimples during my puberty. But once I started working, I start having pimples. Doctor say is due to hormones or stress. On and off, I will have this massive outbreak. Then I will need to go back to the doctor for some medicine which is quite expensive!
One day, I was gossiping chatting why one of our colleague, L who is almost 40years old has such a good complexion. My colleague, S told me they have been taking Flax Oil for quite sometime. It helps for the complexion as well as fertility. I was TTC and always praying for good complexion (at least no pimple outbreak), so I decided to buy a bottle at Iherb.
Iherb is selling USD6.72 per bottle. According to my colleagues, in store will cost you about SGD50 or so! Furthermore the shipping is only USD4 and takes about 2 weeks to reach Singapore. I took a bottle from my colleague as she always stock up at the office. I have been taking a month, together with the antibotics from my doctor (as I just have a major outbreak 2 months back). My skin recovered at a much faster speed! The antibotics from doctor would work, but taking it with Flax Oil makes the pimples gone at a faster rate. Furthermore the pimple marks are not that obvious too.
However I'm not sure about the fertility since I'm still not pregnant yet. But I will be trying for Vitex next.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Jamie Oliver 6-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder

I saw this Jamie Oliver 6-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder recipe on my Facebook wall one day and decided to try it. Actually I want to try on the roast lamb, but the supermarket didn't sell lamb leg on that day. And I also want to try the roast beef but my bf cannot eat beef due to his religion. So pork that is (though I don't really like pork).
Looking the at the recipe seems quite easy, but is kinda lengthy. It takes 6 hours to cook this dish, so my electricity bill will be high this month. (Electricity in Singapore ain't cheap, and we don't have non-peak hours for cheaper rate unlike some of the countries). I try to find the shoulder with bone, however the supermarket doesn't sell it. So end up I just bought the shoulder meat. Bad choice, I should buy the belly meat instead.
After roasting for 4hours, the pork is super crispy and since it doesn't have much meat. The entire thing is very crispy. Personally I would prefer some soft pork meat, hence I said I should buy belly meat instead. My bf has very strong teeth, and most probably he loves the crispy skin so he kinda like it.

After roasting the pork, I started chopping up the carrots and red onion. And yes, no celery although the recipe included it. Reason? My bf & I don't like celery! Throw in the garlic & bay leaves, and pop back to the oven for another hour. I do regret not adding more carrots because after roasting it, the carrots taste so soft, so sweet and savory at the same time!
After hour is up, we placed the pork one side. My bf chopping the pork to smaller pieces and I cooking the gravy. I couldn't find vegtable stock in the supermarket, so I use fish stock (as I have a packet at home). After 15mins of stirring, and the gravy is ready. We poured the gravy onto the pork and at last, our dinner is ready! (It was already 8.15pm and normally we have dinner at 7pm). my bf absolutely love the dish because he likes pork (and I don't). I don't mind cooking the dish for him again since he likes it so much. But on personally note, I think I would love the dish more if there is more soft meat. Hence on the next try, I definitely will buy belly meat instead.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

REVIEW: OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go

I'm not really into manicure & pedicure person because I'm not very girly and extremely lazy too. I would rather lie on my bed & daydream or pick up my PS4 controller to game, than to manicure. But recently my cable is down, so weekday evening is kinda bored. Futhermore my workload is quite little nowadays so I decide to buy some manicure supplies and start wasting spending some time & effort to my poor fingers. What I'm going to review is OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go Nail, 0.25-Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2) . Obviously not my nail art because it is so novice. It is really good!

I think OPI also selling the bottle, but I bought the tube version because it is more convenient for me to bring around (btw my work & home). Next it is also very easy to use. Just gentle press the tube, you can see the oil at the brush. It is not very liquid oil, slightly jelly form so it definitely won't drip out. You can easily brush it around your cuticle and let it absorb into your nails. I also love the smell as it is kinda sweet fruity scent.
This is how my fingers look at. The most I did is apply hand moisturer every working day (if I remember). I seldom do manicure too, so you can see my cuticle is right where it "suppose" to be. Here the magic, after I apply OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go 1/4 Oz. , I let it dry for few minutes before massage it to the rest of the fingers.
These are my fingers! Cuticle is gone! I did not use any tools to remove it, just merely apply OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go 1/4 Oz. ! I definitely would buy the bottle one (Opi Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil, 0.5 Fluid Ounce ) and put it in the office. Just apply once in the morning and it can lasts the entire day.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Over the weekend, I finally completed FF XIII Lightning Returns! *YEAH!!* I have stopped playing it for few months because of the stupid side quest boss - Aeronite. It is so difficult to fight because it will fly away if I didn't stagger it in time! Finally my bf & I sat down and came out with a strategy to win it. Afterall our PS4 games are waiting for us too. Below are the garbs, weapons, shields & accessories we decided.
Quiet Guardian for tanking

Soldier of Peace for heavy slash & magic to build up the stagger
Miqo'te Dress for Magic slash (super effective for Aeronite) & magic to build up the stagger
We keep throwing magic at a distance and trying to avoid any damage at all cost. Finally forth stagger, we whack as hard & as much before Aeronite wakes up and fly away. We managed to stagger it to "rest" twice but our power is not sufficient enough to kill it.
After tweeting our strategy here and there (mainly the accessories), we finally killed it after so many months!!!! And after this boss, I completed the entire FF XIII. *CLAPS*


Monday, 15 September 2014

Yesterday my bf & I continue our follow up visit with Dr Tan Siew Buoy at NTU TCM. She was quite excited after seeing my charts. My bf & I have BD before and after my ovulation day.

Dr Tan comments that high chance that I will be pregnant since my menses hasn't come yet. I mention that I do have spotting now. She told me that if my temperature doesn't go down the next day, I still have chance. My bf was kinda excited and hopeful about it. The doctor follow up with all the usual checking for me and my bf. Prescribe more powder herbs for us and our next appointment will be in Nov.
Bad news my temperature went down today and my menses came. I messaged my bf to inform him and from his message, I guess he is kinda disappointed. I guess we just have to try again!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Everyone who knows me will know every single year, I definitely will go to Bangkok. Beside shopping, I will pray to 4 faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine, then head to Central World Plaza and pray to Phra Trimurti & Ganesha. I'm not a Buddhist, but I have been faithfully praying to them over the years.

Ganasha Shrine
Phra Trimurti Shrine
4 faced Buddha Shrine
** Photo taken from

Alot of people comments that 4 faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine is very good at fulfilling wish. Personally I only wish for good health for my grandpa and he died at the age of 83. But I can say Phra Trimurti is very good as he did "give" me my awesome bf who loves, cares & adores me to the max. Surprizingly not much people (except Thai) knows about him.
In Thai, Phra Trimurti is the God of Love. If you have any love, family or relationship problem, you can pray to him. I always went to the nearby road stalls to buy the offerings. Red incenses, red candles and a bouquet of roses which cost about baht120 (if I remember correctly). I'm not sure whether I pray in the correct manner because the instruction is in Thai and sadly I can't read Thai. So I "agar agar" learn from the locals by peeking at them.
First I will light my 2 red candles & incense. I put 2 red candles at the shrine and went to the front of the shrine holding my roses and incense and pray to to him. I will say my name & address, follow by my wish and if my wish come true, I will come back & pray to him next year. Then I poke the incense in the pot and placed the roses on the  shrine. Oh ya, I will also give some donation too.
I can't guarantee everyone who prays to him will get the wish because I guess it depends on your sincerity. I have a friend who bought his amulet and wear it everyday (as per what I know). But her luck isn't as good as mine. She did find a bf, but there's always quarrelment and unstability in the relationship.
Nevertheless for me, I swear that Phra Trimurti really works for me. And I still pray to him everytime I go to Bangkok (which happens every year). My next trip will be in October which next month *YEAH!*

Sunday, 7 September 2014

I love to travel (who doesn't right?)! So I will travel once every 2 to 3 months. To alot of people, it is consider frequent. I don't take flight every single time (but most of the times). Rest of the travels, my bf will drove us to nearby country - Malaysia.

Alot of people say I must be rich or my bf always sponsor my trip (half truth), hence I can travel so frequently. Beside the fact that I love travel, my bf & I planning to have a child NOW. If I don't travel NOW frequently, god knows when I'm able to travel when the baby comes. Frankly speaking, I still have alot of places I haven't been to. Then again, we are not rich so I always try to minimize the cost as much as possible.

So alot of people say it is quite impossible to minimize THAT much. But I could tell you, YES YOU CAN! All my travels do not come with a high price tag. And people always amaze when I told them how much it really costs. Of course I do spend my time doing research and praying for promotion.

I will be going to Osaka during Dec and will be at the peak period - Christmas Day! So people exclaimed that the vacation will definitely cost a bomb! For the flight, it costs me USD754.20 for 2 person. For the 3 star accomodation, it costs me USD394.13 for 4 nights. Cheap right! Here is the breakdown:-
Malaysian Airline - Due to the recent incident, alot of people lose trust in MA, so no business, air fare drops. Of course people would say it is so dangerous for me to take the airline. It could be my last flight I ever take. I believe both unfortunate incident, the Malaysia government will do something about it. Afterall the share price is already dropped to Ringgit0.20 per share! And I believe if my time is up, walking under the apartment, I could be killed by a falling flower pot. So that pretty much explain why the airline is so dirt cheap.

3 star accomodation at USD110.87 per night. But why I only paid USD394.13 for 4 days? Previously I have use CheapTickets to purchase my air fare. The price is exactly same as the price purchased in Malaysia Airline website. But CheapTickets gives you USD50 discount code for every air fare you purchase from them! Pretty cool! And that's not all, there always promotion code every now and then. Currently 16% discount code - LETSGO going on.
So applying USD50 discount code + 16% discount code, you are able to greatly reduce your accomodation!

See, it is not impossible, just that you need more times to research for more cheap deals. Sometimes during peak period, there is totally no promotion. I been thru this, so I will book my accomodation at Airbnb. You maye feel uncomfortable because it is other people house. Believe me, I have stayed at several different homes before and the stay will not lose to some hotels. Yes, you won't have room service. But seriously how frequent you use room service anyway. For me, it serves as an exposure to me too. I really get to know how the local live too.

Oh ya, by clicking on my link - Airbnb. You will get free $31 credit for your first stay too! So why not try it if you have a tight budget,