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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lately my boss was crazy over fishing so we have fishing trip over the weekend. We hired a yacht which costs us SGD990 for 8 hrs. Additional SGD100 for BBQ buffet 10 person. Wasted half of the day cruising around Sentosa as the captain is not an experience "fisherman" hence he doesn't know where is a good location. Lucky we found a good spot to fish at last 2 hours on board. The BBQ is fabulous, alot of chicken wings and prawns were leftover! Too bad I didn't bring any container, if not I would pack these food back.

Below are the fishes we caught. I only caught a parrot fish and my bf caught a mini grouper. 

Fresh fish is really much more troublesome than fishes bought at NTUC. The uncle / auntie will help me to remove the scales and de-gut the fishes. I have no problem de-gutting the fishes. But scrapping off the scales is damn hard, especially the fishes is not that big. So I have the grab the slimy head and try to scrap off as much scales as possible.

The most delicious one is parrot fish, follow by mini grouper. Now my bf will be on the lookout for parrot fish because that is his favourite fish now.

Anyhow we have a good time over the weekend. I guess the only con is most of us had sunburnt. I'm the only lucky one who got a tiny shade darker. No red irritated sunburnt skin, no peeling or whatsoever. And all thanks to my Heliocare Oral Capsules (60 capsules)  & Banana Boat Ultramist Clear Defense Sunscreen SPF 50, 6 Ounce. Live experiments with 10 person. Me, the only one who took the pill in the morning and afternoon. Spraying the sunscreen every 3 hours. Did not suffer any real damage from the sun. My bf took the pill in the morning and spraying sunscreen every 3 hours become one shade darker but still no sunburnt. As for rest of my colleagues only took the pill in the morning, and re-apply their sunscreen every 3hours have irritated red sunburnt. Those who did not re-apply sunscreen has peeling skin the next few days.

I guess for the next fishing trip, they would follow my sun protection routine religiously. LOL~

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Scrolling my Facebook wall, and alot of people is commenting it is getting more and more expensive to live in Singapore. Singapore is voted to be the top few expensive city to live in. Is Singapore an expensive city to live in? Definitely I would agree with you on this. But is it getting more and more expensive? Yes it is, but the whole entire world is getting more and more expensive to live in. I guess that is called inflation *shrug*

I have friends who live in Europe or UK saying Singapore definitely is cheaper. I would tell them "Arbuden!" Because they are converting the currency, rather than taking dollar for dollar. For example, Mac Donald set meal in Europe cost about EUR7 and Singapore cost about SGD7. My friends would be screaming "See! It costs SGD10 in Europe!" Then again, if you looking dollar to dollar, it makes no difference. Likewise when we travel to Bangkok, everything seems cheap to us due to currency. But doesn't mean local Thai people thinks everything is cheap in Bangkok. I would say Cath Kidston is cheaper in London than Singapore, just by comparing dollar to dollar. Then again, even I convert the currency, it is still cheaper in London. Taking public transport in Gold Coast is very expensive to me. I never pay $4 for bus or train ever in Singapore. A 20mins journey in Gold Coast can easily cost me AUD4. Not to mention taxi fare! I took a cab from Harbor Town to Movie World, merely 30mins ride cost me AUD80! In Singapore, my journey from Jurong West to Changi Airport will be around SGD60. Compare dollar to dollar, Singapore is much cheaper. We can go round and round comparing different developed countries, but the bottomline is paying what is worth for.

I'm always been a big fan of Amazon. The reason is you can get almost everything much cheaper than Singapore. And the items sold by Amazon is eligible for free international shipping. Below are some of my buys:-

Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use
I bought it at USD93, which cost around SGD130. In Singapore, IPL home device easily cost more than SGD300. 

3M Filtrete Fast Flow Filter
I bought it at USD9.87, which cost around SGD13.81. Singapore selling about SGD16.

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse

I bought it at USD12.92, which cost around SGD18.08. Singapore selling about SGD27 online. Not sure whether in toy store will be more expensive.

Heliocare Oral Capsules

I bought it at USD21.61, which cost around SGD30.25. Add CGW shipping charge, in total would be SGD38.25. Singapore is selling about SGD70 per bottle.

I can go on and on and on. From buying daily products from Amazon, and Vitamins from Iherb, the prices they offer definitely is cheaper than buying in Singapore. Rather than going on about how expensive Singapore is, you just have to learn to know where to buy your items from. Believe me, you would save alot from living in Singapore.