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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Review: Teochew Restaurant at Jonker Street & Straits Restaurant

Actually we planned to go to another recommended seafood restaurant. But once we reached there, the weather is pretty bad. Heavy rain and wind. Just stepped out the restaurant, the sand was blown into my eyes and I can't even move. My bf quickly cover my eyes and lead me to the restauramt. On the way to the restaurant, walking from the car park, we were greet by heavy rain. We requested for indoor, but they do not have. So end up we ran back to the car and head back to the hotel. When we reached our hotel, it was arnd 9pm.
Lucky Straits restaurant is jsut 5mins walk from the hotel and very lucky that it's not close yet. But we were the last customers. We quickly order our food and start to chit chat.
The food were served around 15mins later. We have ordered sea cucumber, white shells (lala), kang kong (but somehow their kang kong is differernt from what I always eat), salted egg prawn & freshly steamed Soon Hock fish.
For 3 person, the total bill is around SGD300. Personally I find it quite expensive but my bf say the price is consider reasonable as compared to Singapore. But of course we definitely can find cheaper alternative in Malacca.
Next day we went back to Jonker street for lunch at Teochew restaurant. My bf has made reservation for it the day before. Apparantly it is very famous and only reservation will get you into the restaurant. The restaurant is operated by family members (I guess), and only a few tables in the restaurant. My bf told me the owner will go to the market early in the morning to source for the freshest food. Hence there is no fixed menu.
We ordered fried oyster noodles (my bf has craving for it), fried fish paste ball (recommend by the staff), sambal bamboo shoots, fried frog's legs, kang kong (exactly what I always eat) and yam paste for dessert.
For 3 person, the bill is only $70!! Much cheaper than the seafood restaurant we had yesterday.

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