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Thursday, 28 June 2012

AUD/CAD is a flop! I should have sold it before I went to least I take profit at 10pips instead of loss *emo* 

EUR/USD is one of my favourite aim because there is always ups and downs. EMA 5 cross over EMA 10. CHECK! Trending down. CHECK! RSI below 50! CHECK! (and when i sell it, it is quite below 50 instead of ranging) Sell @ 1.24855 After waiting for 3 hours, dropped till 20pips (my target), I closed my winning trade again.. 

Next morning I found that it actually dropped until 1.2455 (BANG WALL!) But I scare history will repeat itself *point to AUD/CAD* But the most heart wrenching is I miss out the big fall of EUR/USD!!!!! EMO!!!! BANG WALL!!! VOMIT BLOOD!!! SPIT OUT MY INTESTINES!!!

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