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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Diablo III

Completed the normal mode few weeks back. On and off when my friends need help in nightmare mode, I will entertain for awhile. But seriously the game is not that fun. Plot sucks. Graphics sucks. Even length of the game play is disappointing. If the creator takes a yr or so to complete, oh well, I guess is acceptable. Afterall is MMORPG type of game. But if you took more than 10yrs to create and perfect a game. This quality SUX!! I can totally see MMO part. Alots of clicking here and there. Alots of leveling to do. Alots of stuffs to collect. But seriously where is the RPG part?

I do consider myself as Diablo fan, loving it ever since I started playing Diablo during my schooling days. I even specially rig a CPU so that I can play Diablo 3 smoothly.

To console myself, at least there are different classes to choose from and that the only part which intrigues me. And off i go to my ps3 and continue skyrim!!

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