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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gold Coast/Brisbane Itinerary: Day 3

The day to head back to Gold Coast! First breakfast – Subway. WHY!!! I really cannot eat bread everyday! I’m Chinese! I need real food like chicken or something. Then again, it is the only place opens at 10am! Sigh….

After breakfast, we head back to Roma train station and go all the way back to Nerang Station. We took bus 745 and we saw a big colorful signboard “CARARRA MARKETS”. After shopping for an hour or so, I’m quite disappointed in the range of products. I kinda expect something like Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. Anyway I’m quite happy with my lunch at a Maori food stall. At last some real food, sausages and chicken chop. I’m a happy happy girl. We have finished shopping and eating, I finally messaged my host in Gold Coast. I guess he just woke up even it is already 2pm. Perhaps he attend a bachelor party the day before so he completely exhausted. But he is so kind to drive all the way to Cararra market and pick us up to his house. So sweet!  

We went to supermarket near his place. The steaks and stuffs are all so cheap! Except the Chinese Chai Sim, which costs AUD2.50 for 3 stalks. In Singapore, it is SGD1 for a lot of stalks! But rest of the stuffs are pretty cheap. 

Our dinner will be lamb chop with butter rice. He is a marvelous cook! Nicely seasoned lamb chop with herbs and super tasty butter rice. And I didn't know it is so easy to cook butter rice. Put some rice, water and butter in a bowl. Cook in microwave oven for 15mins. Take out stir abit, cook for another 5mins. Mission accomplished! We eat a lot, talk a lot, watch some TVs and Zzzzzz…

I guess my friend is not used to the idea of Couchsurfing because she pretty uncomfortable and not to mention her naggings. “Why the door doesn't have lock?”, “We have to make small talk with him even we are tired”, “If we are at hotel, it would be more comfortable”, etc. Sad to say, I can escaped her naggings by pretending I’m asleep. But can’t escape her consistent tossing on the mattress because we are sharing one big mattress. Sighz!

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