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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gold Coast/Brisbane Itinerary: Day 2

Second day of Aussie holiday continue in Brisbane. I began my day at Queen street for breakfast. At 10am, it is quite crowded with people, mainly teenagers & tourists. There are street performers almost every 10 steps away. 

As a hardcore gamer, you definitely have to get a game whenever you go! I managed to get shadow of the damned at AUD15! Ok, I can get almost the same price in Singapore. But hey, I’m already holding it, price reasonable, and out it will goes with me. After that, I shop a little here and there. Walked into Lush and I spend an hour browsing all the products. No joke, an hour! The assistants are so hype, friendly and knowledgeable in their products! As compared to Lush Singapore, their services is excellent! They introduce their products, give recommendations, let you try their products and not pushy for the sales. Unlike Singapore Lush, the assistants will be standing like a scarecrow in the shop. When you question them, they seems to be unsure about their products. Super turn off. Anyway I bought some shampoo and mask and continue my shopping trip. Country Road is having some promotion and was distributing popcorns & balloons. The guys are super-duper gorgeous! Really can’t take my eyes off them *blush* Girls are just average, so is kinda disappointing though.

After grabbing some souvenirs, I head towards the tourists places.

First stop - Old Treasury Building (my original plan) but don't know why I cannot locate it. But I found Treasury Building. I kinda love the exterior of the building, touch of Victoria’s style. I didn't really explore to interior because it is partly hotel and casino and I’m not really interested. 

Next head to St John’s Cathedral. While walking from Treasury Building to St John’s Cathedral, there is several smaller churches. And they are all so pretty and Victoria’s style. How I wish I can get married in one of these cathedral!

After visiting all the churches, I’m starving because it is almost 3pm. I spotted Food Court and dashed into it. End up it is just a consolidation of fast food! As you may know, in Singapore food court, we have lotsa different types of food. Western food, Chinese food, Korean food, Japanese food, Thai food, etc. I simply don't expect a range of fast food! *FAINT* As I’m starving, I just grab something to eat.

After recharging my “battery”, next in line is Queensland Museum

Perhaps there is a lot of animals, birds, insects and marine life, I am quite fascinated in there. In a blink of an eye, it is their closing time. While walking back to Southbank for dinner, I saw a building “NG House”. I burst out laughing and wonders when my dad bought a building in Brisbane. It’s really coincidence that the owner of the building has the same surname as my family.

Suddenly it’s started to rain! How depressing! I bought a magazine, drinking hot chocolate while waiting for the rain to stop. I plan to walk a little before having dinner. Then again, weather is against me. After finished reading my magazine and drinking my hot chocolate, I think my friend is kinda bored. So end up, I went to nearby store bought a raincoat for her and we headed back to hotel. I guess too much walking makes me hungry, so I grab some pie for my dinner. It’s kinda sad for my dinner though. My baby milo jacket was drenched in the rain, so I bought it to the dryer. Ate my dinner, watch some TV, picked up my jacket, masked my face and ZZzzzzz…

Next day, back to Gold Coast.

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