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Monday, 29 October 2012

Gold Coast/Brisbane Itinerary: Day 4

Today is the Warner Bros Movie World day. I wasn't very keen on it because I been there before. Then again is 10years ago, perhaps things have changed. So we slowly make our way there. Our initial plan is take the public bus to Pacific Harbour and changed bus to Movie World. But we been waiting for the bus for almost an hour and we didn't see the bus at all! We walked over to the shopping center tourist counter and she told us we have missed the last bus! We are in total shock! How can we miss the last bus when we been camping there for almost an hour?! 

Nevertheless the only way to get to Movie World will be by taxi. Have I mention that the taxi fare is VERY expensive in Aussie? After we took a taxi to Movie World, I never ever will complain about the taxi fare in Singapore. Just merely 30mins ride, the taxi fare is almost AUD70! *FAINT* Yes, is that expensive. From Jurong West to Pasir Ris, I guess the taxi would be less than SGD30?

We reached Movie World about 11am and bought our tickets from the counter - AUD80. Is it more expensive than Singapore Universal Studios? My dear friend doesn't dare to take exciting ride, so end up she took roller coaster from the kids section. And nope, I didn't join her because I didn't want to queue 1.5hrs just for a kid ride. End up, I walked around taking photos.

That is the viewing area for parents to wait for their kids. 
But my friend does not need the supervision from me. So off I went, exploring other parts of the kids section.

This cute little water fountain for kids to play in.

Did we have this in Singapore? If we doesn't, we should get it!!!

How I wish I took the exciting rides......

At 5pm, there is announcement that Movie World is closing. So we took the public bus (which we missed for 1 hour) to Surfer Paradise. We will be going there for dinner and Ripley's Believe it or Not. We dropped at nearby bus stop and using my super duper cat sense (and a map), I managed to find our way to Surfer Paradise. Surprisingly, Surfer Paradise is not as big and crowded as we expected. I expected East Coast pattern, but it just a beach with "several shop houses".Perhaps we went there at evening, so all the crowd has dispersed?

Anyway, my friend decided that Ripley's Believe it or Not is too scary for her. So I have to go by myself. Bought the ticket, about AUD21 and before I went in, the counter told me I could take as much photo as I wanted. Pretty nice I guess because normally no photographing is allowed. When I went in, there isn't much people around, or I should say I am the ONLY person around, so it's pretty creepy. I was scared several times by sudden sound effects. 

Beginning it is just some artifact and amazing people, so I still can handle the loneliness and took some photos here and there.

My feet as compare to the tallest man's feet. Fyi, I'm size 3 =P

When it gets to torture instruments, war weapons, it gets even creepier! 
There is shrunk skulls everywhere. Weird instruments and torture equipment, I quickly breeze thru the area.
But quickly took the chastity belt as it seems quite interesting.. keke..

This is when I see the tunnel of light to get the hell off the creepiest section of the museum!
But it isn't the easiest tunnel of light because some spinning lighting makes me kinda dizzy while walking thru!

You be wondering what is this photo. I took this because these windows is one sided!
Other side of the windows is a mirror and there is a poster to ask to make funny faces!
Although there is no one in the museum, I'm still glad I didn't make any funny faces.

That's mark the end of my lone journey! Mee tup my friend whom is wandering in the cold..haha.. And we have dinner at Mos Burger before heading back home =)

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