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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Review: Jai Restaurant

We walked half of the street and found pleasant food smell from Jai Restaurant. So we went in and take a look at the menu. The food is reasonablely priced so we decided to lunch here. As you can see from my photos, the restaurant is clean, spacious and airy. Perhaps is weekday so there isn't much people around during lunch.
The waiter took our order with his very limited English and went to kitchen to prepare our food. While waiting for our food, I took some photo of the restaurant.
After waiting for some time, at last our food arrived! We have ordered tom yum goong (super duper nice!!!!), tom yum fried rice (my bf favourite), squid salad and fried straw mushroom. Overall the dishes are very delicious and costs us baht 700 which is quite reasonable.
Since our first visit, we enjoyed ourselves very much so we went there for lunch the next day. We have ordered tom yum gong & tom yun fried rice AGAIN. But this time, we ordered fried morning glory (not as nice as fried straw mushroom), fried fish and grilled prawn. The grilled prawn is definitely a mistake. The menu price is baht 100 per 100grams, so we ordered 4 pieces. Upon paying the bill, we found out 4 prawns costs us baht 1300!!! I suspect they overcharge us because it is quite unlikely that the 4 prawns weigh 1.3kg. Rest of the dish costs around baht 800 in total.
Conclusion: The restaurant is definitely worth dining there. Not cheap, but reasonably priced. DO AVOID THE GRILLED PRAWNS!! 

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