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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cat cafe in Hongdae - Cats Living

My bf is a cat lover. Not that he hates dogs, he just prefer cat (so much more). Hence I make it a point to visit a cat cafe when we are at Seoul. I guess cat cafe is very common in Seoul, we were just wandering around and bump into one - Cats Living. When we reached there, there isn't any people. We just peek into the glass door, the cats are already 'standby' to welcome us. The 'entrance' fee is won8000 and comes with a free drink. As compared to cat cafe in Singapore, it is really cheap.
We have to remove our shoes & sanitize our hands before entering the cafe. The money loving cat is the first cat who greeted us. He keep sniffing and biting the wons when I flashed it to him.
I not sure what happen to the below cat. He was greeting us but when the owner came out to greet us, then return back to the kitchen to make our drinks. He jumped and hang onto the window grills. I "plucked" him out and put him on the floor. But he jumped and cling to the window grills again!
Below is my favourite cat. Look at his innocent looking face! So adorable right! *melts* I think he is long haired scottish fold. Super duper shy but very curious. He was looking thru the window grills at us. When I took his photo, he is frightened by the "click" sound and stay a distance away from the window grill.
Below are the cats they have in the cafe. As compared to Singapore cat cafe, Cats Living has alot of different breeds of cats. Hopefully one day Singapore cat cafe can have the same standard. In terms of the breeds of cats, and the pricing of the 'entrance' fee as well.


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