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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cai Xin seedlings

I have started on my hydroponics project last month. Grow some cai xin seeds on soil before transplanting it to my hydroponics system. I choose cai xin because it suppose to be easy to grow & short harvest time (about 1 month).

Below photo is taken on 29 Jan, you can see the seedlings is quite small even though is already 2 weeks old. Currently my 3 weeks old seedlings are taller but the size is still the same. I definitely cannot harvest it within a month =(

Nevertheless I will transplant these seedlings into my hydroponics system and hopefully it can grow into adult cai xin for harvest.

Below is my lavender seedlings which I have planted in December. It didn't died which is a surprise to me. Hopefully it will eventually grow into an adult lavender plant *pray* But I guess I couldn't give it to my bf on his birthday, which falls in March.

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