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Monday, 4 February 2013

REVIEW: Japanese No-Part Bangs Cut at Orchard Salon, Beauty Spot

Bought the voucher at SGD28 and was curious about the Japanese No-Part Bang.

  • Professional hairstylists that will analyze your face shape, hair growth, hair quantity, etc. before designing your bangs accordingly
  • Hairstylists will also teach you how to style your bangs at home
  • Create natural and manageable bangs. 
  • Helps to make thin hair look thicker and airy and the face look smaller
  • No damaging equipment will be used on your hair. The entire hair styling process uses scissors only
  • Bangs are flattering additions to your regular hairstyle
  • Bangs may also rock your wavy locks to get that extra zing you have been longing for
  • Slick long to medium layers and soft fringes on forehead
When I went in, there is no waiting time which is good. Salon is a small tiny shop run by 3 aunties. Hair stylist immediately start to trim my hair on the spot. So much about the "analyze" face shop, hair growth, hair quantity before designing my bangs. Suddenly more and more people came. I find the hair stylist didn't really concentrate on cutting my hair as there is alot of "stray" hairs at my fringe. Then the hair stylist went to the new customer, and another auntie came to wash my hair after I waited for 15 to 20mins! I opt for additional hair treatment - $38 for normal mask & steam. Treatment took about 30mins, and the auntie brings me to wash my hair. I waited for 20mins before she came to blow dry my hair, seriously my fringe is dried naturally. Another 15mins before the hair stylist came to touch up. Her excuse that after treatment, my hair will become "looser" hence all the "stray" hairs. WHATEVER! I just want to finish my hair ASAP!

After she finished cutting my hair, I asked the hair stylist what is Japanese Carved Cut... And the answer is just cut straight the fringe = Japanese Carved Cut *ROLL EYES*

Anyway is really cheap $28. And my hair length (touching my butt) normally will costs $40 or more. With the price, I don't really care about the design of my hair style. But the waiting time is definitely a KILLER! I can save almost an hour if I need not keep on waiting due to lack of staffs.

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