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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 7 Hanoi to Hue
Early flight to Hue, so i woke up at 4.30am and my homestay helped me booked a cab to the airport. When I reached Hue, I can't help the cab driver that the hotel sent me so I took a random cab. Costs me more than VND300,000 *CRYZ* Check in Jade Hotel, ate my breakfast and waited for my couchsurfing pals to bring me around. First they took me to Thien Mu pagoda. It is rumored that if couple went there, they will break up. We took some photo and they brought to another pagoda. Halfway thru, they realized that they lost their way so we kinda backtracked. My couchsurfing pal need to go back for lunch and school, so he asked his other friends to bring me around at 3pm. Reached back my cozy hotel at 12pm, and decide to venture to Imperial City. Did I mention Jade Hotel has excellent service? Everything I stepped into the hotel, they will definitely served me lemon juice. Chat with me to make sure I'm feeling alright, etc. Anyway I checked with them how long to walk from hotel to Imperial City. It takes about 30mins walk! EMO! Slowly I make my way there.
While walking to Imperial City, you will passby Perfume River. I can tell you the scenery is very beautiful & artistic. Sculptures are placed at the park beside the Perfume River. Sitting there, relaxing or reading a book is also a good way to pass your afternoon away. Then you will reached one of 2 famous bridges (Blue Dragon bridge or White Tiger bridge). At night time, pretty hue lights will brighten the bridges and it seems like rainbow across the Perfume River. Of course the bridges will be busy with traffic. But fear not, as there is a path cater for people to walk by. Soon I have reached the Imperial City. It looks kinda similar to Forbidden City in China, but is smaller scale. Most of the buildings are either replica or damaged during the Vietnamese War. It's quite a petty, if not the Imperial City will be much more beautiful and grander. Oh ya, do takes note that the entrance is not the exit. After walking for 3hours, my legs are sore & aching so I decided to call it a day and walked back to my hotel. After searching for the entrance, I realized you cannot exit from there. End up I spend another 15mins searching for the exit. Just nice my couchsurfing pal messaged me that his friends are making their way to my hotel.
After walking back to my hotel and met up with new bunch of friends, we head to another "secret" pagoda. The place is very serene and only several people are hanging out there. I guess is pretty accurate there as all of my couchsurfing pals went to pray and ask for a lot. I also got my lot and my couchsurfing pal interpret for me. It's say that I need to be patient and wait for good things to come to me. Or something like that. I hope is talking about my relationship, not my career or money or property. I don't mind my relationship to be slow as tortoise. But I hope my career, money & property can soar like eagle!

Now is the dinner time! We made our way back to the town and went to a local roadstall. I guess is one of their favourite roadstalls as they highly recommend it. End up I ate dried pork skin with noodle in rojak style and drank corn with coconut milk as dessert. Quite special as I never seen it. Even my friends who went to Vietnam also never taste it. I guess it is Hue's speciality food.

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