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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day 10 & 11: Danang & Bana Hills

At 10am, my couchsurfing friend bought me to the nearby goddess of mercy temple. You can view the big white statue just by standing at the Danang beach. When you reached the temple, you can really see how big the statue is. It also my friend's first time to the temple, so he didn't know where is the front door. So we climbed through the locked back door and into the temple. We are not the only one doing it because in front of us, some of the locals are doing the same thing. So I guess climbing over locked gate is a norm? Beside the goddess of mercy, there is also buddha and the 18 arhats guarding him. At the back of the temple, there is also laughing buddha. Vietnamese is as faithful as Thai when praying to the gods. Even little children knee and bow while praying. After that, my friend wanted to go Monkey beach but I guess he can't find the way there. So end up after lunch, he sent me back to the hotel.
When I reached my hotel, I surf internet for awhile and send several messages to my other couchsurfing friends in Danang. Sadly, no one is free. So end up I roam around the beach area. I guess the weather is consider bad, cloudy and drizzling. So there is absolutely no crowds at the beach. I want to take my book and do some reading before dinner. But the weather is really too cold. It doesn't make any sense to read my books on the beach while shivering in the rain right? So I have a early dinner, tabao some food back to my hotel. Send rest of my day watching drama and surfing internet.
Next day, my plan is to go Bana Hills as recommend by the hotel. PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE! I would say more than 50% of Bana Hills is not completed yet! There is only fantasy amusement park and 2 temples there. I want to see the french town and is totally in construction! I guess the only thing I find worth it is that the restaurant is pretty cheap for a nice bowl of beef noodle! They might have the longest, coolest cable car ride. But you can only view the scenery for first half. Then later is all covered with fogs and you can see nothing. Maybe you try going during summer time when Bana Hills is 100% completed. If not paying VND400,000 is totally waste of money.
Later in the afternoon, I headed to the airport and make my way to my last stop HCM!

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