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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Trying to conceive

Few months ago, my bf had suggest that he hopes to have a family. I wasn't ready then. But few months later, I decided to give it a try. I'm no longer young so maybe having a baby isn't that easy too. I have stopped my BCP in October 2013 and have been trying since. Unfortunately, there isn't any good news, so I decided to buy Ovulation Testing Kit from Qoo10.
Will start to test for my ovulation, and hopefully it already kick start...since I have already stopped my BCP in October 2013 *pray*

My bf also been 'feeding' me with magnesium vitamin for a month or so. He read somewhere that some of my 'chronic' sickness maybe is due to lack of magnesium. When our magnesium pills finished, we saw Blackmore Conceive Well so we decided to give it a try.

There isn't much review about it. But the reviews I read is kinda good. You have to take 1 tablet & 1 capsule per day. The size of the tablets & capsules are quite huge. So if you are not used in swallowing medicine, you might have some problems with this. The smell of the tablets are also quite stinky. I let my dogs smell it, they just turned away! I feed my dogs with salmon oil capsules, and they will swallow with ease and love their salmon capsules tons. Imagine they are turned off by the tablet, you can imagine how stinky it is. Each box cost about SGD45 (if I remember correctly), so it is consider quite expensive. Lucky Guardian having promotion so there is 20% discount.
I have been taking the capsules & tablets for 2 weeks now, and with my ovulation strips on hand, I'm ready for my fertile period to come in another few more days.

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